How to prepare your home for winter


How to prepare your home for winter


Can you feel it? The cooler months are fast approaching. Time to turn your home into a cosy winter retreat before temperatures really drop. From winter quilt covers  to chunky knit throws and soft flannelette, here are some simple ways you can up the warmth factor in any room of the house. Grab a cuppa and get ready to rug up ─ staying in will soon be your preferred choice.

Layer up in the bedroom

When it’s dark and drizzly outside we want nothing more than to stay tucked up in bed. But first, your bedroom needs to feel like an inviting haven. Hello, layers! A winter quilt made from Australian wool will keep you warm, but not hot, while you sleep. Pair with a premium cotton flannelette quilt cover and sheet set for the softest base layer. The texture of a sherpa blanket or faux fur throw adds warmth both physically and visually. While a weighted blanket can help you relax into a comfortable sleep. A bundle of plush cushions and a spritz of linen spray and you’ll have the ultimate comfort zone.

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Create a cosy living room

Cold weather is for lounging on the couch ─ when you’re not in bed, of course. If there’s one thing you need it’s a warm winter blanket. Curl up with faux fur, a chunky knit throw or ultra-soft sherpa. Pile on cushions in a range of textures and fabrics and you’ll never want to move. A soft and shaggy floor rug is an easy way to add warmth underfoot, even in carpeted areas. For the final touch, offset the winter blues with mood lighting. Turn off the harsh overheads and instead light a candle or switch on a lamp for a soft, warm glow.

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Keep your bathroom warm

Bathrooms aren’t traditionally the warmest spaces in your home. But with a few simple updates, you can dial up the cosiness without cranking the heat. Splash out on plush, extra absorbent towels to help you dry faster. An ultra-soft bathmat will keep your toes toasty and warm, because no one likes stepping out of the shower onto ice-cold tiles. Be sure you have a pair of fluffy slippers and a bath robe at the ready.

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Prepare your kids’ bedroom for winter

Their sleep is precious ─ and so is yours! Jack Frost can wreak havoc with your little one’s sleeping patterns if you’re not prepared for cold snaps. Keep them warm on the coldest winter nights with our Australian wool quilts, specially designed for children. Swap to kids’ flannelette sheets, which are not only snuggly but also come in all manner of cutesy prints and colours they’ll love. A fleecy blanket or throw is the final step to their winter bedtime routine.

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Don’t forget your pets

Because our pets feel the cold too, it’s important we make sure they have a warm and safe space during winter. First, choose a comfortable bed away from any draughts. Our floor cushions with washable covers are a great choice. Soft blankets and plush throws like sherpa are perfect for sharing with your furry best friends. Plus, they make the ultimate luxe accessory for their bed, or for cosy cuddles on the couch.

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