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Hampshire Almond Floral CushionHampshire Almond Floral Cushion

Hampshire Almond Floral Cushion

Sephora Green Bird Velvet CushionSephora Green Bird Velvet Cushion

Sephora Green Bird Velvet Cushion

Duck Feather Cushion Insert 50x50cm  Duck Feather Cushion Insert 50x50cm

Duck Feather Cushion Insert 50x50cm

Belgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen CushionBelgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Belgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Arlette Natural CushionArlette Natural Cushion

Arlette Natural Cushion

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Otis White Boucle CushionOtis White Boucle Cushion

Otis White Boucle Cushion

Campsite Cream CushionCampsite Cream Cushion

Campsite Cream Cushion

Mirri Peach Velvet CushionMirri Peach Velvet Cushion

Mirri Peach Velvet Cushion

Duck Feather Cushion Insert 40x60cm  Duck Feather Cushion Insert 40x60cm

Duck Feather Cushion Insert 40x60cm

Boucle White Ball CushionBoucle White Ball Cushion

Boucle White Ball Cushion

Otis Cream Boucle CushionOtis Cream Boucle Cushion

Otis Cream Boucle Cushion

Mirri Teal Velvet CushionMirri Teal Velvet Cushion

Mirri Teal Velvet Cushion

Rory Jewels Stripe Cushion

Belgian Gum Leaf Vintage Washed Linen CushionBelgian Gum Leaf Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Belgian Gum Leaf Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Antwerp Green Earth CushionAntwerp Green Earth Cushion

Antwerp Green Earth Cushion

Marietta Berry CushionMarietta Berry Cushion

Marietta Berry Cushion

Belgian Misty Rose Vintage Washed Linen CushionBelgian Misty Rose Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Belgian Misty Rose Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Belgian Dark Teal Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Marietta Cream CushionMarietta Cream Cushion

Marietta Cream Cushion

Mable Natural Floral CushionMable Natural Floral Cushion

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Mable Natural Floral Cushion

Duck Feather Cushion Insert 35x55cm  Duck Feather Cushion Insert 35x55cm

Duck Feather Cushion Insert 35x55cm

Caspian Natural & White Long CushionCaspian Natural & White Long Cushion

Caspian Natural & White Long Cushion

Caspian Natural & White CushionCaspian Natural & White Cushion

Caspian Natural & White Cushion

Tripoli Natural CushionTripoli Natural Cushion

Tripoli Natural Cushion

Global Traveller Greens Stripe Cushion

Caspian Green & White Long CushionCaspian Green & White Long Cushion

Caspian Green & White Long Cushion

Tripoli White CushionTripoli White Cushion

Tripoli White Cushion

Otis Cream Boucle Long CushionOtis Cream Boucle Long Cushion

Otis Cream Boucle Long Cushion

Caspian Green & White CushionCaspian Green & White Cushion

Caspian Green & White Cushion

Shop Cushions Online in Australia at Adairs

Explore the Adairs range of bed cushions. Our collection of Adairs cushions are an affordable and easy finishing accessory for your bedroom, whether it be for a decorative statement or as a comfy essential. Whether you're looking for a decorative statement, a comfy essential, or a seat cushion for that window seat or chaise lounge, we have it all.

Dress your bed with designer cushions, quilts, duvets, and pillowslips of your choice to add a personal touch to your bedroom’s style. Our diverse range allows you to mix and match fabrics, shapes, prints, and colours to craft your unique look. Choose from on-trend finishes like velvet, linen, wool, jarvis, and faux fur cushions. For those who love a vintage touch, we also offer cushions made from vintage washed linen. This material is 2-3 times stronger and more durable than others, becoming even softer and more beautiful with every wash and wear.

Join our Linen Lovers program for free standard shipping within Australia. Shop our incredible range of Adairs bed cushions, throws, comforters, sheets, and more online today.

What are the different types of cushions? 

There’s a whole world of cushions to explore at Adairs! One of our most sought-after styles is our sofa cushion, perfect for adding extra style and comfort to your living room. Chic lounge cushions, whether for a chair cushion or ottoman, enhance the seat of an armchair or sofa, providing additional back support. 

Bed cushions, neck pillows, and more not only add colour and textural interest but also serve both decorative and practical purposes. While decorative bed cushions elevate the style quotient, they might not be suitable for sleeping and might need removal each night. Throw cushions, paired with a matching throw blanket, can be used virtually anywhere. Scatter them around your living room floor for a soft, boho style. And if you're looking to elevate your outdoor space, our outdoor cushions are perfect for adding padding to a bench seat, pouf, or deck chair. Just remember, they prefer the indoors and aren't fans of prolonged weather exposure.

How do you choose cushions? 
Cushion Size & Shapes 

Scale is vital when choosing the right cushion. The thing to avoid when you buy cushions is “matching”. A couch or a bed with different colours of the same cushion will look stuffy and rigid. Embrace style and go for a variation in sizes and shapes. We recommend large cushions at the back and smaller cushions at the front, to give your space visual height. Opt for a cushion in various shapes to add more interest. A rectangle cushion, square cushion, and round cushion make the ideal trio for any space. Variety is the aim of a cushion collection, so shop a cushions clearance to make your cushion dollar go further.

Cushion Material 

Like when choosing a size and shape, variation is the key to nailing a good cushion collection. The eye prefers objects in groups of three, so we’ll always recommend going with at least three textures. Where possible, avoid having the same material next to each other, as it can look forced. For an opulent effect, we love pairing velvet cushions with linen cushions, and cushions with lots of tufting. If you like a clean, fresh look, you can get away with cushions all in neutral colours – as long as you vary the material. Keep in mind where the cushion is going to be used; smooth material cushions suit sofas and armchairs (or any place where the cushion will be used for snuggling up), while firm, embroidered, or tasselled cushions are better kept for the bedroom where they’re purely decorative.    

Cushion Colours 

Cushions should be the finishing touch to your space, so ideally, you’ll already have a good idea of what colour scheme you’re working with. For example, we love toning in with your rug or bedhead if you’re choosing cushions for the bedroom. If you’re after a soft effect, go for colours that already make up the bulk of your space. Alternatively, pick an accent colour from a piece of art in the room to pull the room together. Create a soft, beachy theme with white cushions, navy cushions, and grey cushions. Opt instead for a warm look with red cushions, pink cushions, mustard cushions and orange cushions. If you’ve already got a lot of colour in your space, blue cushions and black cushions can help balance the look. Change up your colour choice easily with a cushion cover – simply remove the one that came with your cushion when you change your style, and swap it over with one of the cushion covers we have in the range.  

Cushion Style 

As with choosing the colour of your cushions, the style of your cushion will also depend on the style of your room. If you’ve gone for soft colours, lots of white, and a touch of beach, hampton cushions make a great choice. If you’ve gone for warm, burnt tones with an artisanal rug, boho cushions will tie the room together perfectly. If you’ve gone for an art deco vibe, velvet cushions in jewel tones will always suit. Think of your cushion style as the interior choice that finishes off your room.  

Buy cushions online in Australia at Adairs 

Cushions in Australia just got simple. It’s easy to buy cushions online when you shop at Adairs. With shipping around Australia and New Zealand, and our helpful online assistant to help you pick, it’s never been easier to shop. Plus, Linen Lovers always save more; join now and never wait for a cushion sale again!