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Often one of the first things you notice when you walk into a home is its peculiar smell. Create a gentle note of calm with the Adairs range of aromatherapy infused elements in room sprays, essential oils, laundry liquids & detergents, linen sprays, bar soaps, body wash and so much more! Exclusive to Adairs, our home care and fragrance range provide you with the selection you need to create a beautifully smelling and inviting home you’ll simply love coming home to. 

For a natural clean scent that smells like bliss, launder your towels, bed linen and grimiest clothes in our refreshingly scented natural laundry detergents. You can further enhance the just-washed smell with linen sprays like our lush lavender linen spray or the aromatherapy linen spray, natural laundry detergents and scented laundry liquids, all made from quality ingredients – so you know the incredible smells will linger around the room for as long as you need them to. To keep your bedroom smelling sweet, fresh and germ-free, try our mattress deodorizer and scented mattress sprays, making your newly styled bed not just look good, but smell good too. Browse our range of laundry and home care products and more only at Adairs!