Our people

“We love our team. They’re the life blood of our business and share your passion for home.”


Our team:

Gender diversity

We’re a signatory to Hesta’s 40:40 Vision initiative. This initiative seeks to achieve gender balance - 40% women, 40% men and 20% any gender - across the senior leadership of all ASX300 companies by 2030.

Team engagement and safety

We want our team to be engaged and supported in all aspects of their role, including their learning and development. We track this through an independent annual survey of everyone within our business. We also want them to be safe. Our goal is to drive yearon- year improvement across all sections of our business in Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR).

“We’re very proud to be taking part in such an important initiative. Striving to achieve gender balance at Adairs is a fundamental priority for the entire business.”

Ethical sourcing:

We are committed to conducting business lawfully and ethically and will only seek to partner with suppliers who share our belief in abiding by the global laws, regulations, codes, and frameworks thatwe work within.

Protecting the human rights, health, and safety of workers is integral to how we operate. We have a dedicated team that works with suppliers to make sure we meet all Modern Slavery obligations. Every factory, workplace and facility that supplies us must operate within our code of conduct and ensure they meet the expectations set down by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Each year we publish our Modern Slavery Statement which describes the steps we have taken to minimise the risk of modern slavery occurring throughout our business and supply chains.

“Partnering with suppliers that share our values for a safe and happy team, as well as quality product, is our priority.”



Our community:

We love and appreciate the safety of home - but we know that not everyone is lucky enough to have one.

Since 2020 we have been proud partners of Orange Sky, raising much-needed funds through the sale of our reusable bags, customer donations, and direct business contributions. These contributions support people experiencing hardship and homelessness with access to free laundry, warm showers, and genuine conversations.

We also support victims of natural disaster in Australia and New Zealand, by actively contributing to bushfire and flood relief efforts in the form of business contributions and product donations.

Our recent disaster relief contributions are:

2019 Bushfire Relief - $50,000 donation to the Australian Red Cross

2022 Flood Relief - $25,000 donation to Orange Sky & $50,000 in product donation to the Wesley Mission

We value supporting women to achieve excellence. The Melbourne Boomers play an important role in the Australian community to encourage women and girls to participate in sport at an elite level.

“We’re proud to work with partners like Orange Sky and the Melbourne Boomers that make valuable contributions to our community.”