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Mojave Green PlantMojave Green Plant

Mojave Green Plant

Heneken Potted Plant 150cmHeneken Potted Plant 150cm

Heneken Potted Plant 150cm

Lady Green Potted Palm 120cmLady Green Potted Palm 120cm

Lady Green Potted Palm 120cm

Evergreen 6 Stem Yucca Plant 122cmEvergreen 6 Stem Yucca Plant 122cm

Evergreen 6 Stem Yucca Plant 122cm

Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 50cmFiddle Fig Potted Plant 50cm

Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 50cm

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Monstera 1 Bunch Potted Plant 60cmMonstera 1 Bunch Potted Plant 60cm

Monstera 1 Bunch Potted Plant 60cm

Potted Green Boston FernPotted Green Boston Fern

Potted Green Boston Fern

Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 75cmFiddle Fig Potted Plant 75cm

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Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 75cm

Potted Olive TreePotted Olive Tree

Potted Olive Tree

Buxus Green & White Potted PlantBuxus Green & White Potted Plant

Buxus Green & White Potted Plant

Potted Green ZanzibarPotted Green Zanzibar

Potted Green Zanzibar

Potted Green Ornamental GrassPotted Green Ornamental Grass

Potted Green Ornamental Grass

Yucca Large Evergreen PlantYucca Large Evergreen Plant

Yucca Large Evergreen Plant

Willow Silver Green Hanging FernWillow Silver Green Hanging Fern

Willow Silver Green Hanging Fern

Potted Coin Green PlantPotted Coin Green Plant

Potted Coin Green Plant

Lady Green Potted Palm 140cmLady Green Potted Palm 140cm

Lady Green Potted Palm 140cm

Potted Green Magnolia Tree 150cm

Silver & Green Potted Kangaroo FernSilver & Green Potted Kangaroo Fern

Silver & Green Potted Kangaroo Fern

Green Weeping Ficus 182cm

Belgrave Green Potted PlantBelgrave Green Potted Plant

Belgrave Green Potted Plant

Green Basket Potted Fern 81cm

Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 185cmFiddle Fig Potted Plant 185cm

Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 185cm

Olea Potted Green Gum LeavesOlea Potted Green Gum Leaves

Olea Potted Green Gum Leaves

White Magnolia in Ceramic Vase

Bracken Green Potted PlantsBracken Green Potted Plants

Bracken Green Potted Plants

Fleurs dans l'eau Blue HydrangeaFleurs dans l'eau Blue Hydrangea

Fleurs dans l'eau Blue Hydrangea

Conran Green/White Potted FernConran Green/White Potted Fern

Conran Green/White Potted Fern

Evergreen Palm Tree Plant 177cmEvergreen Palm Tree Plant 177cm

Evergreen Palm Tree Plant 177cm

Summer Green Pom Pom GrassSummer Green Pom Pom Grass

Summer Green Pom Pom Grass

We offer a range of artificial plants, faux flowers, and stems to enhance your home without the need for upkeep. Our artificial plants and artificial flower arrangements are up to date with the latest trends to seamlessly add freshness and bring life into your home’s interior decor. We stock an impressive range of faux plants that include artificial hanging plants, artificial stems and artificial native flowers that look so real, you’ll want to see them up close. Enjoy your favourite blooms looking amazing every day. Our range will look great throughout all seasons, being able to maintain their look through cold and wet weather. Don’t be left with flowers that have short lifespans, require regular maintenance, and ugly stagnant water. Our artificial plants are versatile to be able to look great anywhere in your home or outside on your porch or balcony. Faux flowers also help you to avoid the hassle of allergenic pollen that would bring discomfort with traditional flowers.  

Explore our range of fake flowers, large artificial plants and stems today! Shop our impressive collection of artificial plants, artificial stems, faux plants, artificial flower arrangements, and artificial native flowers that are functional and look great, at Adairs. 

We’ve made it easy to pick the perfect plant for your space, no matter the size or style of your home. 


What are the Most Popular Types of Artificial Plants? 

Artificial Ferns and Houseplant

Add plenty of greenery and foliage to your home, even if you don’t have a green thumb, with our range of ferns and fronds. Leafy and expansive, we love fake indoor plants like our faux monstera, fake fig leaf, and artificial calathea. If your style is a little more trendy and cool, you’ll love our fern artificial indoor plants. Long and drapey, our areca palm and potted ferns add instant lushness. Go for a contemporary look with one of our modern palm yuca plants – available in lots of sizes. 

Artificial Outdoor Plants 

Go big with our range of fake outdoor plants. Featuring tall heights, wide leaves, and realistic-looking pots, our artificial outdoor plants are perfect for areas that get too much shade to grow real plants. Put fake outdoor plants, like yuca, bamboo, and heneken, in courtyards or on decks for an instant pop of green. Fake plants with lots of leaves, like a palm, will look great in any outdoor setting. 

Artificial Succulents 

The perfect faux plants, succulents are a low maintenance choice. Perfect for bathroom shelves and kitchens, succulents can be grown just about anywhere – so will look realistic no matter where you put them. Make the plant look homegrown by choosing the right pot for the base.  

Artificial Flowers 

Like a beautiful bouquet of flowers that’ll never wilt or die, our fake flowers are the perfect choice for your home. Making sense for your wallet, faux flowers are similar in price to florist flowers, but only need to be purchased once. Choose from our range of stems and blooms to make your own arrangement or opt for one of our ready-made fake flower bouquets.  

How long do artificial plants last? 

Artificial plants are a great way to add greenery to your home without the hassle of caring for real plants. But how long do they last? On average, artificial indoor plants will last between 3 and 5 years. However, this will vary depending on the quality of the faux plant and how well it is cared for. To get the most out of your artificial plant, it is important to dust it regularly and keep it out of direct sunlight. 

Buy Fake Plants & Flowers Online in Australia 

With all the information you need available on our website, and shipping straight to your door, it’s never been easier to shop artificial plants and artificial flowers from home. With a huge range of fake outdoor plants and fake indoor plants to choose from, we’ll have the style and size plant you need. Get the natural look without the natural upkeep, with Adairs.