Artificial Plants Buying Guide

APR 09|3 min read

We’ve made it easy to pick the perfect plant for your space, no matter the size or style of your home.

Want to freshen up your space with lush greenery – minus the maintenance? Think artificial plants!

Whether you want a tiny succulent to brighten your home office, or a statement-making fiddle leaf fig (complete with a bold and bright pot), we have the perfect fit. Mix and match your favourite plants with colourful pots, planters, and baskets to breathe life into your living space.  

1. Measure up

When you’ve picked a plant you like the look of, you’ll find the height included in the product description online. You’ll also see the dimensions of the pot it comes in, and from there you can gauge the overall size

If in doubt, head in-store with your tape measure and check it out!

2. Love your style

3. Blend in

The final piece of the puzzle? Making sure you have the perfect pot to display your new plant.

4. Set the scene

Ask the experts!

Still not sure where to start in your artificial plant adventure? Head in-store! Arm yourself with a tape measure and the dimensions of the space you’re shopping for, as well as some ideas around your styling. From there, explore the plants in person, or ask one of our friendly team members to help you out.

Find your nearest store here.

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Conran Green/White Potted FernConran Green/White Potted Fern

Conran Green/White Potted Fern

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Areca Palm Potted Plant 110cm

Bird Of Paradise Potted Plant 135cmBird Of Paradise Potted Plant 135cm

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Bird Of Paradise Potted Plant 135cm

Buxus Green & White Potted PlantBuxus Green & White Potted Plant

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Buxus Green & White Potted Plant

Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 190cmFiddle Fig Potted Plant 190cm

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Fiddle Fig Potted Plant 190cm