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Be inspired to update your bedroom with our beautiful range of quilt covers and quilt coverlets. Adairs offers a premium collection of on-trend quilt covers and coverlets across an extensive range of seasonal, traditional, modern, and contemporary looks. Bring new life to your bedroom with our range of quilt cover sets and quilt coverlets. Our bed covers suit all bed sizes ranging from single sizes all the way up to super king bed. Be inspired to mix up designs and patterns with your doona cover. Play with colours and hues or classic textures such as floral quilt cover designs to style a bedroom that reflects your very own individual flair. Our bedroom decor offers a diverse range of fashionable bed linen fabrications including denim, cotton, vintage washed linen, chambray, stonewashed cotton, bamboo, jersey, flannelette, and velvet.   

Crafted by our talented in-house design team, you will be able to take your bedroom styling to a whole new level. Choose from an embroidered or quilted quilt cover, to exclusive geometric quilting patterns, fashionable lace placements, or beautiful hand-woven tassel features. Refresh and complete your bedroom look by browsing through our collection of bed linen which includes premium sheet sets, cushions and throws. Choose from our stylish collection of quilt coverlets, doona covers and quilt cover sets today, only at Adairs. 

Bed Covers with our Designer Quilt Covers & Set 

The quickest and most cost-effective way to makeover your bedroom is with a new quilt cover. Much simpler than buying new furniture or re-painting your house, the right doona covers will completely change the style of your space. Perfect for refreshing between seasons, a bright quilt cover is great for summer, while duvet covers in rich tones are ideal for winter. Bed covers in soft linen will give your space a natural, earthy feel, while white quilt sets create a luxury hotel feeling at home.   

How to Choose The Right Quilt Cover? 

There are so many factors involved, in buying a quilt cover, from fabric and warmth to the size itself. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about bed covers, so you can shop with confidence.    


Your fabric choice is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new quilt cover. For those that like a breathable feel against your skin that stays cool in summer, we recommend the Vintage Washed Linen or Bamboo Linen quilt cover sets. If you’re more into smooth quilt bed linen, our Stonewashed Cotton quilt sets are perfect, as they get softer with every wash. Made for winter, our Flannelette covers trap heat within each fibre, making sure you never slide into a cold bed. Perfect for in-between seasons, our Ultra Soft Jersey covers are the right balance between warm and breathable, while being buttery soft to the touch. Ideal for kids that are sensitive to rough textures, our World’s Softest Cotton is exactly as it sounds – and comes in a massive range of colours, so they’re sure to find their new favourite. The best part is that all our quilt covers (yes, even the velvet ones) are machine washable, making sure it’s easy to care for whichever quilt cover you choose.    

Thread Count 

You’ve probably heard the phrase around a lot, but you may be wondering – why does thread count matter? Thread count matters because it’s the simplest way to measure how soft and warm a quilt is likely to be. A thread count is how many horizontal and vertical strands make up a piece of fabric, per square inch. The more strands there are, the softer and smoother a fabric will feel against your skin. Because there are fewer gaps between each strand, a higher thread count also means that the fabric will retain warmth better too. Keep this in mind when shopping for cotton or linen quilt covers, as the thread count will effect what time of year the cover is best used for. For example, our Luxury Collection quilt cover sets feature 1000TC, meaning it feels impossibly soft and is perfect for the cooler months. Alternatively, our Bamboo Cotton quilts feature 600TC, making the style breathable enough for your summer bed.  

Quilt Cover Sizes

Thankfully, quilt covers come in a standard size - so if you’ve checked the tag on your quilt, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a quilt cover to fit. We’re pleased to offer a massive range of sizes, so no matter which duvet covers you have your eye on, we’ll have it in your size. Many of our customers have a Queen Bed, but if you’re tired of battling it out over the covers, we recommend upgrading to a Super King Bed sized quilt and quilt cover – there'll be plenty of doona to share! If you want a lighter top layer, quilt coverlets are the perfect alternative. Unlike quilts, our quilt coverlets come in hybrid sizes: Single/Double and Queen/King.  

What is the difference between a quilt cover, duvet cover and doona cover? 

Quilt cover, duvet cover and doona cover all mean the same thing. They’re all designed to protect your quilt from dust and dirt, while giving your space some style. Typically, New Zealanders will say duvet cover, while Australians will say doona cover or quilt cover – but there’s no hard and fast rules. The word “doona” is said to come from the Danish word “dyne”, which means down feathers.   

Quilt Covers Delivered Australia Wide 

Shop our quilt cover sale and buy the best in bedding. With both standard and express shipping options available, there’s so many great ways to shop. Shipping Australia-wide and delivering to New Zealand, our massive range of quilt covers are in-stock and ready for you to add to cart.