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Moroccan Dream Blush Novelty CanopyMoroccan Dream Blush Novelty Canopy

Moroccan Dream Blush Novelty Canopy

Fleur Harris Multi TeepeeFleur Harris Multi Teepee

Out of stock for delivery

Fleur Harris Multi Teepee

Out of stock for delivery

Jungle Adventure Teepee

Dinosaur Explore TeepeeDinosaur Explore Teepee

Dinosaur Explore Teepee

Marni Floral TeepeeMarni Floral Teepee

Marni Floral Teepee

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Moroccan Dream Natural Novelty CanopyMoroccan Dream Natural Novelty Canopy

Moroccan Dream Natural Novelty Canopy

Moroccan Dream White Novelty CanopyMoroccan Dream White Novelty Canopy

Moroccan Dream White Novelty Canopy

Kids Poppy Floral TeepeeKids Poppy Floral Teepee

Kids Poppy Floral Teepee

Gumnut Gully TeepeeGumnut Gully Teepee

Gumnut Gully Teepee

Sparkle Pink Novelty CanopySparkle Pink Novelty Canopy

Sparkle Pink Novelty Canopy

Bouncing Bunnies Garden TeepeeBouncing Bunnies Garden Teepee

Bouncing Bunnies Garden Teepee

Scallop Lilac Novelty CanopyScallop Lilac Novelty Canopy

Scallop Lilac Novelty Canopy

Animals Of Oz TeepeeAnimals Of Oz Teepee

Animals Of Oz Teepee

Kids Rainbow Burst TeepeeKids Rainbow Burst Teepee

Kids Rainbow Burst Teepee

Where The Wild Ones Play TeepeeWhere The Wild Ones Play Teepee

Where The Wild Ones Play Teepee

Unicorn Squad TeepeeUnicorn Squad Teepee

Unicorn Squad Teepee

Truck Town TeepeeTruck Town Teepee

Truck Town Teepee

Magical Rainbow Multi Novelty CanopyMagical Rainbow Multi Novelty Canopy

Magical Rainbow Multi Novelty Canopy

Kids Teepees and Canopies: Ultimate Kid’s Gift Wish List

Step into a world where imagination reigns supreme with our enchanting range of kids teepees and canopies. These magical hideaways are more than just a play space – they're a realm where your little ones can embark on endless adventures. From the whimsical designs to the cozy interior, every teepee tent for kids we offer is a gateway to a universe of creativity. Our teepees and canopies transform any room into a wonderland, where your child's fantasies become their new reality. 

Bed Tent and Canopy for A Night of Fun

Transform bedtime story into a magical adventure with our captivating bed tents and canopies. As they drift off to sleep under their kids bed canopy, they embark on dreamy voyages to faraway lands. These bed canopy make the night sky seem just a touch close, crafting unforgettable bedtime rituals for your little ones. As a starry night under a kids canopy or a secret hideout in a teepee, these bed accessories create an enchanting ambiance that encourages peaceful slumbers and sweet dreams.

Cleverly Designed Teepee Tents for Kids

Adairs takes pride in offering a range of cleverly designed teepee tents for kids. Each teepee serves as a versatile sanctuary, ideal for both play and relaxation. Our kids teepee tents are more than just play spaces – they're crafted to inspire creativity and provide a secure, cozy corner for your little ones. From vibrant colours to imaginative themes, these teepees blend seamlessly into your kids room décor while standing out as a statement piece. Their sturdy construction ensures safety and longevity, making every teepee tent a smart addition to any playroom and children's bedroom furniture. Pair these wonderful teepees with our children's furniture for a complete look in your child's room.

Choose Adairs Kids Canopy Online in Australia

Select our exquisite range of kids canopies and teepees to bring joy and style to your child’s space. Shopping bed tents online with us in Australia offers convenience and a wealth of choices, right at your fingertips. Discover our kids teepee and bed canopy collection, each piece thoughtfully designed to create a haven of fun and comfort. Choose from our array of styles and watch as these charming pieces become your child’s favourite space for play, relaxation, and imagination.



What age range are Adairs kids teepees and canopies suitable for?

Adairs' kids teepees and canopies are designed for children of all ages. Our collection offers a range of styles that cater to toddlers through to pre-teens, ensuring a magical and safe space for every stage of childhood. The versatility and durability of our bed products make them suitable for kids as they grow and their imaginations evolve.

How can I incorporate a kids teepee tent into my child's room decor?

Incorporating a kids teepee or canopy into room decor is seamless with Adairs' range. Our designs are created to complement a variety of themes and color schemes. For a harmonious look, match the teepee or canopy with other room elements such as plushies, toys, and children's furniture. To add a finishing touch, explore our gifts for kids and nursery collections for items that perfectly complement your teepee or canopy.