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Sherpa Sand BlanketSherpa Sand Blanket

Sherpa Sand Blanket

Sherpa Navy ThrowSherpa Navy Throw

Sherpa Navy Throw

Seoul Natural Check ThrowSeoul Natural Check Throw

Seoul Natural Check Throw

Sherpa Sage BlanketSherpa Sage Blanket

Sherpa Sage Blanket

Holland Green Wool Throw

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Mason Natural Houndstooth Wool ThrowMason Natural Houndstooth Wool Throw

Mason Natural Houndstooth Wool Throw

Ultrasoft Silver Frost BlanketUltrasoft Silver Frost Blanket

Ultrasoft Silver Frost Blanket

Geo Garden Earth Throw

Grace Purple Floral Fur ThrowGrace Purple Floral Fur Throw

Grace Purple Floral Fur Throw

Holland Navy & Brown Wool BlanketHolland Navy & Brown Wool Blanket

Holland Navy & Brown Wool Blanket

Manhattan Natural Boucle ThrowManhattan Natural Boucle Throw

Manhattan Natural Boucle Throw

Sherpa Libertine Floral Green ThrowSherpa Libertine Floral Green Throw

Sherpa Libertine Floral Green Throw

Sherpa Storm Grey BlanketSherpa Storm Grey Blanket

Sherpa Storm Grey Blanket

Marlowe Green ThrowMarlowe Green Throw

Marlowe Green Throw

Paloma Brown Tufted ThrowPaloma Brown Tufted Throw

Paloma Brown Tufted Throw

Clea Natural Check Fur ThrowClea Natural Check Fur Throw

Clea Natural Check Fur Throw

Alexia Jewels Check BlanketAlexia Jewels Check Blanket

Alexia Jewels Check Blanket

Plush Sage Quilted Comforter BlanketPlush Sage Quilted Comforter Blanket

Plush Sage Quilted Comforter Blanket

Alexia Natural Check BlanketAlexia Natural Check Blanket

Alexia Natural Check Blanket

Romy Natural Check BlanketRomy Natural Check Blanket

Romy Natural Check Blanket

Munich Grey Feather Yarn ThrowMunich Grey Feather Yarn Throw

Munich Grey Feather Yarn Throw

Michigan Harper Check ThrowMichigan Harper Check Throw

Michigan Harper Check Throw

Munich Winter White Feather Yarn ThrowMunich Winter White Feather Yarn Throw

Munich Winter White Feather Yarn Throw

Rae Malmo Spice & Green Check Linen ThrowRae Malmo Spice & Green Check Linen Throw

Rae Malmo Spice & Green Check Linen Throw

Leiden Natural Boucle ThrowLeiden Natural Boucle Throw

Leiden Natural Boucle Throw

Leiden Olive Boucle ThrowLeiden Olive Boucle Throw

Leiden Olive Boucle Throw

Macrame Soft Green Knot ThrowMacrame Soft Green Knot Throw

Macrame Soft Green Knot Throw

Macrame Forest Knot ThrowMacrame Forest Knot Throw

Macrame Forest Knot Throw

Manhattan Lily Pad Boucle ThrowManhattan Lily Pad Boucle Throw

Manhattan Lily Pad Boucle Throw

Our incredible collection of Adairs throws, throw blankets, electric blankets for the bedroom will help you to decorate your bedroom to your personal style, with a range of seasonal colours, patterns, and hues. Choose from our popular chunky knitted throws or our linen throw collection to add colour or texture to your bedroom, as well as comfort and warmth.  

Our beautiful range of throws and throw rugs have incredible versatility and practicality, making them a great addition to your home. Mix and match fabrics and textures with your accessories, pillows and quilt cover to create an appealing bedroom space in your home. Join our Linen Lovers program for free standard shipping within Australia. Shop our incredible range of Adairs throw blankets and throw rugs online today. 

What is a throw? 

A throw is a small blanket that is primarily decorative. While throws are often referred to as rugs or throw blankets, they’re not as large as a typical bed blanket - which is designed to cover the entire surface of the bed. A throw is usually large enough to style and drape and will add a touch of comfort. Made from a wide variety of materials, a good throw will add colour and texture to your space in one go. It’s easy to find the right throw for sale in our collection!  

What are the different types of throws? 

If you’re looking to buy a throw, you first need to decide which kind of rugs suit your purpose.

A bed throw is a perfect piece to layer at the foot of your bed, adding a sense of luxury and helping to break up the expanse of your quilt cover. Match the colour and style of your bed throw to your accessories, cushions, and pillows.  

A couch throw adds plenty of visual interest to your living room. Drape one stylishly over the back of your armchair or the chaise of your lounge. A good sofa throw will add a new type of fabric to your space to build a stylish look – which is why we recommend a soft faux fur throw. Add the finishing touch to your little one’s room with a Kids throw. Helping to tie in all their accessories, a natural throw over the end of their bed in an accent colour will make their space feel a bit more grown up.  

What is the best throw material? 

Throws are all about adding texture, dimension, and visual interest to your space. For this reason, the best throw material is one that is different from the rest of your accessories. For example, a linen couch with velvet cushions will look best with a chunky knitted throw. If you have a cotton quilt cover with bold accessories, opt instead for a black throw in luxurious silk. As long as you’re creating variation in colour and fabric, any material can be the right choice!  

Is a throw the same as a blanket?

While quite similar, a bed throw in Australia is not the same thing as a blanket. The main purpose of a blanket is to add plenty of warmth to your bed. Made from thick materials, a blanket will come in bed sizes, like Queen or King. Meanwhile, a throw is an accent piece, designed to provide style to your space. Often a lot smaller than a blanket, a throw is made to be artfully draped over the end of a bed or couch to add softness, comfort, and extra texture. Throws can be made of wide, chunky knit, linen, faux fur, or anything that adds visual interest, as their main purpose is not warmth.