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Kendrick Natural Laundry RangeKendrick Natural Laundry Range

Kendrick Natural Laundry Range

Kendrick White Laundry BasketsKendrick White Laundry Baskets

Kendrick White Laundry Baskets

Kendrick Black Laundry RangeKendrick Black Laundry Range

Kendrick Black Laundry Range

Lyon Storage BasketsLyon Storage Baskets

Lyon Storage Baskets

Ren Rectangle BasketsRen Rectangle Baskets

Ren Rectangle Baskets

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Rosie Natural Rectangle Picnic BasketRosie Natural Rectangle Picnic Basket

Rosie Natural Rectangle Picnic Basket

Rosie Natural Half Picnic BasketRosie Natural Half Picnic Basket

Rosie Natural Half Picnic Basket

Kendrick Natural Shelf Storage Basket Kendrick Natural Shelf Storage Basket 

Out of stock online

Kendrick Natural Shelf Storage Basket 

Masai Natural Extra Large BasketMasai Natural Extra Large Basket

Masai Natural Extra Large Basket

McKenzie Storage Chest in Antique Grey McKenzie Storage Chest in Antique Grey

Out of stock online

McKenzie Storage Chest in Antique Grey

Kendrick Black BasketsKendrick Black Baskets

Kendrick Black Baskets

Out of stock online

Queenscliff Natural Basket

Masai Natural BasketsMasai Natural Baskets

Masai Natural Baskets

Kendrick Natural BasketKendrick Natural Basket

Kendrick Natural Basket

Ren White Laundry BasketsRen White Laundry Baskets

Ren White Laundry Baskets

Masai Natural Laundry Baskets Masai Natural Laundry Baskets

Masai Natural Laundry Baskets

Masai Natural Round BasketsMasai Natural Round Baskets

Masai Natural Round Baskets

Kendrick White Baskets Kendrick White Baskets

Kendrick White Baskets

Rosie Natural Round Picnic BasketRosie Natural Round Picnic Basket

Rosie Natural Round Picnic Basket

Masai Natural Divided Laundry BasketMasai Natural Divided Laundry Basket

Masai Natural Divided Laundry Basket

Tilda Blue Storage Range

Masai Natural Narrow BasketMasai Natural Narrow Basket

Masai Natural Narrow Basket

Rattan TrolleyRattan Trolley

Rattan Trolley

Kendrick Black TrayKendrick Black Tray

Kendrick Black Tray

Oliveri Grey & Natural BasketOliveri Grey & Natural Basket

Oliveri Grey & Natural Basket

Kendrick Natural Tray  Kendrick Natural Tray

Kendrick Natural Tray

Oliveri Mauve & Orange BasketOliveri Mauve & Orange Basket

Oliveri Mauve & Orange Basket

Kendrick White Shelf Storage BasketKendrick White Shelf Storage Basket

Kendrick White Shelf Storage Basket

Swinton Natural Storage BasketSwinton Natural Storage Basket

Swinton Natural Storage Basket

Adairs brings you a diverse range of baskets, perfect for decoration around the home, as plant holders or storage options, choose from a woven basket or wicker basket in an array of shapes, sizes, and colours. Handwoven and made by local artisans across the world, our storage baskets look beautiful in every room of your home. Style our baskets as a washing basket or storage basket in your laundry or bedroom, in your bathroom as towel storage, or feature our baskets on their own in a living area as a decorative element. Our woven baskets can also take your organisation to the next level; ideal for storing kid’s toys, blankets, cushions, and throws - the creative storage options really are endless. Better yet, our woven baskets make an incredible place to store faux flowers, potted plants, and greenery around your space. Be inspired and shop our collection of woven baskets below.  

Shop Storage Baskets in Australia 

Storage baskets are the versatile choice for your home. If you’re lacking storage space, baskets are the quickest way to add home organisation options. Place a storage chest in your office or study to keep those documents tidy, pop kids storage baskets in their playroom for their toys, add storage bags to your bedroom as stylish laundry baskets, grab a woven basket for your knitting, or add fruit baskets to cart.  

What are the most popular types of baskets? 



Wicker basket 

Crafted from a traditional weave, a classic wicker basket makes a great storage solution. Ideal for storing spare towels in your bathroom or blankets in your bedroom, a wicker basket has enough durability to hold heavy items. 

Cane basket and seagrass baskets 

Made from a kind of straw, cane and seagrass baskets are stylish enough to be used as decor. Not only can cane baskets be used as plant holders to create a focal point to the room, cane washing baskets serve for a multipurpose storage solution or a decorative element.

Rattan basket 

Ideal in your entryway or on your bedside table, rattan baskets are perfect for collecting your bits and bobs in one place. Great as decorative trays or as a storage chest, rattan is an eco-friendly storage option that adds warmth to any interior. Available in various shapes, including oval and rectangle, these baskets can be used to store anything from blankets to children's toys, making them a versatile addition to your home.

Fabric basket

Fabric baskets offer a softer look compared to their wicker and rattan counterparts. They are ideal for bedrooms and nurseries, providing a safe and gentle storage option. Say no to boring laundry hampers and laundry baskets and make the swap to stylish storage bags. In a blend of natural wood and smooth fabrics, our material baskets have Scandi appeal. 

Picnic Basket

For those who enjoy outdoor dining, our picnic baskets are a must-have. Perfect for a romantic picnic date, we have woven picnic baskets to store your picnic essentials with style. They are spacious and hold all the essentials needed for a memorable outdoor meal, combining practicality with charm.