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Florence Bedspread + AccessoriesFlorence Bedspread + Accessories

Florence Bedspread + Accessories

Rosedale Multi Bedspread + AccessoriesRosedale Multi Bedspread + Accessories

Rosedale Multi Bedspread + Accessories

Amorette Blue Bedspread SetAmorette Blue Bedspread Set

Amorette Blue Bedspread Set

Florence Queen Grey Bedspread Set + AccessoriesFlorence Queen Grey Bedspread Set + Accessories

Florence Queen Grey Bedspread Set + Accessories

Cordelia White Bedspread Set + AccessoriesCordelia White Bedspread Set + Accessories

Cordelia White Bedspread Set + Accessories

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Cassiano White Coverlet Set + SeparatesCassiano White Coverlet Set + Separates

Cassiano White Coverlet Set + Separates

Indi White Comforter Set + SeparatesIndi White Comforter Set + Separates

Indi White Comforter Set + Separates

Charlene Blue Bedspread SetCharlene Blue Bedspread Set

Charlene Blue Bedspread Set

Laurent Silver Bedspread Set + SeparatesLaurent Silver Bedspread Set + Separates

Laurent Silver Bedspread Set + Separates

Samatra Olive Coverlet Set + AccessoriesSamatra Olive Coverlet Set + Accessories

Samatra Olive Coverlet Set + Accessories

Naya Grey Comforter Set SeparatesNaya Grey Comforter Set Separates

Naya Grey Comforter Set Separates

Kairo Champagne Coverlet Set SeparatesKairo Champagne Coverlet Set Separates

Kairo Champagne Coverlet Set Separates

Provence Blush Bedspread Set SeparatesProvence Blush Bedspread Set Separates

Provence Blush Bedspread Set Separates

Sabrina Provincial Blue Bedspread Set SeparatesSabrina Provincial Blue Bedspread Set Separates

Sabrina Provincial Blue Bedspread Set Separates

Evora White Coverlet Set SeparatesEvora White Coverlet Set Separates

Evora White Coverlet Set Separates

Maynard Grey Comforter SetMaynard Grey Comforter Set

Maynard Grey Comforter Set

Porter White Comforter SetPorter White Comforter Set

Porter White Comforter Set

Foliage Sage Bedspread SetFoliage Sage Bedspread Set

Foliage Sage Bedspread Set

Langston Silver Comforter Set Separates

Maynard Green Comforter SetMaynard Green Comforter Set

Maynard Green Comforter Set

Langston Blue Comforter Set Separates

Maynard Blue Comforter SetMaynard Blue Comforter Set

Maynard Blue Comforter Set

Explore our stylish range of bedspreads and coverlets as a part of the Adairs bed linen range. Be inspired to create a beautiful bedroom with refined tailoring and the elegant textures of each bedspreads set. Our bedspreads are available in a range of sizes from single size to king size. Our Bianca bedspreads come in an extensive range of styles and patterns to suit your personal taste or bedroom interior style. Choose from chenille bedspreads, quilted bedspread designs, cotton, linen and velvet bedspreads. 

Reflect your personal style with a selection of on-trend and traditional themes such as classic jacquard, modern patterns, quilted chevron or country florals, or perhaps more contemporary neutral bedspreads and coverlets are your preferred style. Accentuate your comforter sets with matching throws, cushions and European pillows for further sophistication. From summer to winter and everything in between, Adairs have made it effortless to change up your bedroom look. Join our Linen Lovers program for free standard shipping within Australia. With one of the largest ranges of bedspreads Australia wide, you’re sure to find the perfect one. Shop our incredible range of Adairs bedspreads and coverlets online today. 

Shop Adairs Bedspread Set Online in Australia

Add plenty of texture, colour, and style to your bedroom in one step, with a bedspread. Covering the sides of your mattress and the legs of your bed, an Adairs comforter is the fastest and neatest way to make a bed. Check out one of the broadest ranges of comforter sets Australia wide, with all the colours and styles you need. 

How to Choose the Right Bedspread? 

Thread Count 

If you don’t sleep with a top sheet, the thread count of your bedspread is paramount – as it will be directly touching your skin. The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother your comforter will feel. If you’re intending to use a top sheet or a blanket, the thread count of your uppermost layer matters less, so you can make a choice based on style. 


Perhaps the most important factor when buying bedspreads is the size. While a comforter is meant to be large, you don’t want to end up with lots of excess fabric on the floor. If you have a single, king single or double, we recommend choosing a Single/Double hybrid size, which will fit the depth of your bed. Similarly, queen and king beds look best with a Queen/King hybrid size, which will provide enough length for an on-trend folded edge. If you don’t want your top layer to cover your bed legs, opt instead for a coverlet.  


While warmth isn’t the primary purpose of bedspreads, your material choice can make an impact. Comforters in rich materials like velvet and cotton will make an otherwise light layer a bit warmer. Opt for linen or a blend if you’re looking to keep your bedspreads nice and cool. We recommend going for a richly textured or patterned material to make sure your bedspread is proving plenty of style and visual interest.    

What is the difference between a bedspread and a comforter?

In Australia, a bedspread and a comforter are the same thing. Both bedspread and comforter refer to the uppermost layer on a bed, which features light padding and is large enough to cover the pillows and sides of the bed. Bedspreads give a neat look, as they hide the sides of your mattress and the legs of your bed. Bedspreads are very light, making them the perfect choice for summer. Many people add a blanket set beneath the bedspread in winter for a breathable, warm effect. While bedspreads already feature colourful designs, you can change up your look with a different comforter cover or a throw set.    

What is the difference between a bedspread and a quilt? 

The primary purpose of bedspreads is to provide style, while the primary function of a quilt is to provide warmth.  A bedspread is a lightweight top layer to a bed, that usually features a small amount of padding and quilting. The resulting layer is thin enough for use in warmer months. A bedspread is quite large, covering the whole bed including the sides – right down to the floor. A quilt will also be the top layer of a bed but instead features a thick filling, providing enough warmth for the depths of winter. A quilt set is usually plain white and requires a quilt cover for protection, colour and style.  A coverlet set is ready to go, straight onto your bed, and doesn’t require an extra cover as it will already feature a pattern or colour.    

What is the difference between a bedspread and a duvet?

In Australia, a duvet, a doona and a quilt all refer to the same things. A duvet is usually white and features plenty of filling (often down or wool) to provide enough warmth for cold nights. Duvet sets need to be paired with covers, which protect your quilt and add style and colour to your room.  

Bedspreads, unlike duvets, are an all-in-one piece for your bed. Covering your entire bed, right down to the floor, bedspreads are a single layer – usually with a stylish pattern or colour on both sides. Offering little warmth, bedspreads can be layered on top of blankets in winter. Adairs bedspreads also come with pillow shams, which are the decorative covers you put in front of your linen pillowcases for a little extra style.