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Gainsborough Electric BlanketGainsborough Electric Blanket

Gainsborough Electric Blanket

Supersoft Sage BlanketSupersoft Sage Blanket

Supersoft Sage Blanket

Cloud Blanket Earth CheckCloud Blanket Earth Check

Cloud Blanket Earth Check

Deluxe Heated Pink Faux Fur BlanketDeluxe Heated Pink Faux Fur Blanket

Deluxe Heated Pink Faux Fur Blanket

Sherpa Sand BlanketSherpa Sand Blanket

Sherpa Sand Blanket

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Sherpa Sage BlanketSherpa Sage Blanket

Sherpa Sage Blanket

Deluxe Heated Soft Grey Faux Fur BlanketDeluxe Heated Soft Grey Faux Fur Blanket

Deluxe Heated Soft Grey Faux Fur Blanket

Sherpa Stirling Check BlanketSherpa Stirling Check Blanket

Sherpa Stirling Check Blanket

Cloud Neopolitan Stripe BlanketCloud Neopolitan Stripe Blanket

Cloud Neopolitan Stripe Blanket

Sherpa Libertine Floral Green BlanketSherpa Libertine Floral Green Blanket

Sherpa Libertine Floral Green Blanket

Sherpa Frost Blue BlanketSherpa Frost Blue Blanket

Sherpa Frost Blue Blanket

Sherpa Cappuccino BlanketSherpa Cappuccino Blanket

Sherpa Cappuccino Blanket

Sherpa Storm Grey BlanketSherpa Storm Grey Blanket

Sherpa Storm Grey Blanket

Sherpa Palest Pink Heated BlanketSherpa Palest Pink Heated Blanket

Sherpa Palest Pink Heated Blanket

Sherpa Ash Grey Heated BlanketSherpa Ash Grey Heated Blanket

Sherpa Ash Grey Heated Blanket

Sherpa Navy BlanketSherpa Navy Blanket

Sherpa Navy Blanket

Deluxe Heated Soft Sage Faux Fur BlanketDeluxe Heated Soft Sage Faux Fur Blanket

Deluxe Heated Soft Sage Faux Fur Blanket

Deluxe Heated Natural Faux Fur BlanketDeluxe Heated Natural Faux Fur Blanket

Deluxe Heated Natural Faux Fur Blanket

Sherpa Natural Gingham BlanketSherpa Natural Gingham Blanket

Sherpa Natural Gingham Blanket

Holland Latte Wool BlanketHolland Latte Wool Blanket

Holland Latte Wool Blanket

Estonia Natural Check ThrowEstonia Natural Check Throw

Estonia Natural Check Throw

Estonia Green Check BlanketEstonia Green Check Blanket

Estonia Green Check Blanket

Sherpa Melrose Check BlanketSherpa Melrose Check Blanket

Sherpa Melrose Check Blanket

Holland Navy & Brown Wool BlanketHolland Navy & Brown Wool Blanket

Holland Navy & Brown Wool Blanket

Ultrasoft Silver Frost BlanketUltrasoft Silver Frost Blanket

Ultrasoft Silver Frost Blanket

Estonia Natural Check BlanketEstonia Natural Check Blanket

Estonia Natural Check Blanket

European Collection Turkish Cotton Natural & Tobacco Waffle BlanketEuropean Collection Turkish Cotton Natural & Tobacco Waffle Blanket

European Collection Turkish Cotton Natural & Tobacco Waffle Blanket

Holland Green Wool BlanketHolland Green Wool Blanket

Holland Green Wool Blanket

Evan Natural Ribbed BlanketEvan Natural Ribbed Blanket

Evan Natural Ribbed Blanket

Adair's Blankets: Comfort in Every Thread

Our incredible collection of Adairs blankets for the bedroom features a range of seasonal colours, patterns and hues. We offer a collection of materials and luxuriously soft weaves such as fleece and wool blankets, providing you with an extensive selection to suit your personal taste, comfort and level of warmth. Choose from warm wool blankets, soft cotton blankets, and rich fleece blankets. 

Luxurious Blankets Made with Quality Fabrics

Our beautiful, soft blankets will help to add another layer of warmth into your bedroom, whilst also becoming a stylish, yet functional focal point in any room. Choose from our soft and warm Ultrasoft blanket, our European Turkish Waffle blankets, our weighted blankets or our luxe Sherpa blankets. From thick, warm blankets for winter to thin, breathable blankets for summer, we have the perfect blanket to pair with your quilt covers. Join our Linen Lovers program for free standard shipping within Australia. Shop our incredible range of Adairs blankets online today. 

Wool Blankets

Crafted with precision, wool blankets are renowned for their temperature-regulating capabilities. Be it a chilly winter night or a slightly cold summer evening, a wool blanket is designed to keep you comfortable. Its natural insulation ensures you stay cozy, while the aesthetic appeal elevates the overall bedroom decor. 

Fleece Blankets

After a long, tiring day, we all yearn for a soft, cloud-like embrace. Adairs' fleece blankets provide just that. Carefully woven, these blankets are the pinnacle of softness, offering unparalleled comfort. Their gentle touch not only warms the body but also soothes the soul, making them more than just bedding; they're a sanctuary of relaxation.

How to Choose the Perfect Blanket for Every Season and Occasion 

The number one factor to consider when you’re buying a blanket is warmth. While our blanket collection features gorgeous colours and luxurious textures, blankets are primarily about sleep temperature. Adding an extra layer of warmth to your quilt, a good blanket will keep you toasty. Opt for a style that suits your favourite quilt cover and leave the stylish heavy-lifting to a throw. We have a broad range of throws for Kids and adults to indulge in.

Unless you like the look of your blanket overhanging the edge of your bed, we recommend choosing the same size blanket as your mattress. Choose from a single bed blanket, king single blanket, double bed blanket, queen size blanket, or king size blanket – we’re sure to have your size. With winter, summer, all season and electric blankets to choose from, we make getting rugged up easy!

Winter Blanket

When the temperature dips and the nights get frosty, it’s time to buy blankets made from rich materials. Make your bed warmer with an added cosy layer! Sherpa and fleece blankets or fluffy blankets (like faux fur) trap warmth in the fibres, keeping you comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside. Wool is another excellent material for winter blankets, as the natural kinks and bends in the fibres trap air - which warms up from your body heat, like a natural insulator.

Summer Blanket

For nights when you want the comforting weight of a blanket without the extra warmth, opt for light materials for your summer bed. We have blankets for sale in lightweight linen and cotton, which stay breathable and wick moisture - helping you avoid night sweats. Summer blankets are perfect for pulling up when the air con gets a little too frosty. 

All Seasons Blanket 

For year-round bed comfort, we love natural fibres. All season blankets crafted from linen or stonewashed cotton are natural insulators, offering coolness in summer and warmth in winter. Plus, these fabrics are hypoallergenic, helping you to breathe easy. Alternatively, our weighted blankets feature glass bead filling, so you get all the weight without the winter-level warmth.  

Electric Blanket 

If you’re a cold sleeper and long for a toasty bed, an electric blanket is a must-have. Offering the maximum warmth of any blanket choice, our electric blankets allow you to pre-warm your bed before you get in - for a cosy feel every night. With multiple heat settings, an auto timer and overheat protection, it’s an easy choice. Featuring a plush top layer, an electric blanket adds both warmth and extra softness  

Buy Blankets for Sale at Adairs Online 

It’s never been easier to buy blankets online! With a huge range of warmth levels, materials, colours and styles on offer, you’re sure to find your perfect fit. With free shipping, and AfterPay or ZipPay to help you buy now and pay later, we make it convenient to shop from home.