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Wavertree & London Beach Diffuser 250ml Wavertree & London Beach Diffuser 250ml

Wavertree & London Beach Diffuser 250ml

Sphere Bergamot & Sandalwood Diffuser 220mlSphere Bergamot & Sandalwood Diffuser 220ml

Sphere Bergamot & Sandalwood Diffuser 220ml

Seashore Coconut Diffuser 200mlSeashore Coconut Diffuser 200ml

Seashore Coconut Diffuser 200ml

Seashore Beach Diffuser 200mlSeashore Beach Diffuser 200ml

Seashore Beach Diffuser 200ml

Stone Sandalwood & Vanilla Diffuser 200mlStone Sandalwood & Vanilla Diffuser 200ml

Out of stock online

Stone Sandalwood & Vanilla Diffuser 200ml

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Stone Driftwood Diffuser 200mlStone Driftwood Diffuser 200ml

Stone Driftwood Diffuser 200ml

Stone Fresh Cut Gardenia Diffuser 200mlStone Fresh Cut Gardenia Diffuser 200ml

Stone Fresh Cut Gardenia Diffuser 200ml

Taylor Creamy Peach DiffuserTaylor Creamy Peach Diffuser

Taylor Creamy Peach Diffuser

Taylor Caramelised Vanilla DiffuserTaylor Caramelised Vanilla Diffuser

Taylor Caramelised Vanilla Diffuser

Stone Lemongrass & Ginger Diffuser 200mlStone Lemongrass & Ginger Diffuser 200ml

Out of stock online

Stone Lemongrass & Ginger Diffuser 200ml

Florette Tuberose DiffuserFlorette Tuberose Diffuser

Florette Tuberose Diffuser

Out of stock online

Signature Freshcut Gardenia Diffuser Refill

Sphere Home Fragrance Coconut & LimeSphere Home Fragrance Coconut & Lime

Sphere Home Fragrance Coconut & Lime

Lume Sandalwood, Patchouli & Vanilla Diffuser 200ml

Lume Vanilla Spice Diffuser 200ml

Taylor Spice Diffuser 250mlTaylor Spice Diffuser 250ml

Taylor Spice Diffuser 250ml

Out of stock online

Sphere Home Frose Diffuser

Out of stock online

Signature Sparkling Pomegranate Diffuser Refill

Out of stock online

Signature Bergamont & Sandalwood Diffuser Refill

Out of stock online

Signature Lemongrass & Ginger DiffuseSignature Bergamont & Sandalwood Diffuser Refillr Refill

Reed Diffusers

Discover the Ultimate Range of Diffusers at Adairs

The Adairs range of diffusers will help to create a beautifully scented atmosphere in your home. Our reed diffusers are designed and made exclusively for Adairs and offer a variety of divine scents. As an air freshener, they produce rich aromas to take away any existing or unwanted odours in the home. 

We've simplified the art of infusing your home with delightful diffusers, ensuring each diffuser from our collection complements your decor with minimal effort. Choose from an extensive range of styles and fragrances, be it the serene aroma for a bedroom or the invigorating scent for your living area.

The Essentials: Diffuser Reeds & Refills

Maintenance meets luxury with our meticulously curated collection of diffuser reeds and refills. Whether you’re drawn to our lush reed diffuser oil selections or seeking the perfect reed diffuser refill, we ensure your spaces are filled with enduring and captivating fragrances. Ensure a consistent, aromatic presence in your home, with diffusers that promise longevity and premium quality.

Choosing the Right Diffuser for Your Home

From the subtle air freshener diffuser to the prominent and aesthetic reed diffuser, the choice of a diffuser reflects both your personal preference and the vibe you desire for your spaces. Consider the size of your room, the intensity of fragrance you enjoy, and the design that aligns with your decor. Additionally, when purchasing your diffuser, ease of use, and design are other futures you should consider when selecting a diffuser. At Adairs, our reed diffusers promise all these and more, ensuring that your home not only smells great but also resonates with elegance.

What is the difference between a diffuser and a candle?

Both diffusers and candles are popular methods for introducing pleasant aromas into a space, but they operate differently. A diffuser disperses essential oils into the air, often diluted with water, to create a fine mist that fills a room with the desired fragrance. This method is flameless and typically uses ultrasonic technology or reed sticks to spread the scent. On the other hand, a candle relies on burning wax infused with fragrance oils to release its aroma. This process involves a flame, producing both scent and a warm, ambient light. While candles offer a cozy ambiance, diffusers can provide a more consistent fragrance release without the concerns of an open flame.

What are the benefits of a reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers offer a consistent and continuous release of fragrance, enhancing the ambiance of any space. Their flameless nature makes them a safer alternative to candles, especially in homes with children or pets. With their low-maintenance design, reed diffusers can provide long-lasting aromas for weeks or even months without frequent attention. Additionally, their elegant bottles and reeds serve as both a source of pleasant scent and an addition to your home decor, making them a dual-purpose addition to homes and offices.