Here’s Why You’ll Love Bamboo

JUN 07|4 min read

Naturally soft, durable, breathable, and luxurious ─ bamboo has become a popular choice in the bedroom and bathroom for its lengthy list of benefits. Whether you love a luxe sheet set or you’re partial to a plush towel, discover why bamboo will be your new go-to for the whole family.

Bamboo Linen bedlinen in green, neutral, and orange hanging from above on a white background.

It's soft

Child jumping mid-air on top of a bed made with a quilt on top and a pile of pillows below.

It's durable

Side-on view of bed styled with bamboo bedlinen including in pink, purple and green.

It's breathable

Bathroom with four Flinders Navara Bamboo Towels in charcoal, grey and white above the edge of a bath.

It's absorbent

Woman/man lying in bed head resting on a few pillows and cuddling a quilt.

It's heat regulating

Angled view of a bed with rattan bedhead, side table, and the bed is styled with bamboo bedlinen in white and green.

It’s hypoallergenic

Close-up of bed styled with bamboo bedlinen in black and grey.

It’s your new favourite bedlinen