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Maisy Biscuit & Forest Check Pet PillowMaisy Biscuit & Forest Check Pet Pillow

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Maisy Biscuit & Forest Check Pet Pillow

Maisy Bailey Check Pet BlanketMaisy Bailey Check Pet Blanket

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Maisy Bailey Check Pet Blanket

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The Adairs Fetch Comfort Collection will help your furry friend feel comfortable, safe and loved with our new luxury range of dog beds, cat beds, pet beds, pet accessories, pet furniture and pet care products. Perfect for in the car, on the lounge, floor, sofa or chair in your home, our Adairs pets collection allows you to easily personalise their mat with a range of mat covers and pet bed accessories, all available in on-trend colours and luxe textures - our favourite Vintage Washed Linen and beautifully soft velvets - to seamlessly match your home’s interior.

The accessories include warm and cosy pet blankets for them to snuggle into, soft pet cushion for them to rest their small heads upon after a big day of playing, and our Aroma Wash pet sprays and pet shampoo, to ensure they smell fresh and clean when they come inside. Our new Fetch Comfort Collection of cat and dog beds and pet blankets are suitable for all pet sizes – small to big, whilst the Snuggle Mat is suitable for pets up to 25kgs. Each product available in the new range is completely machine washable; made from materials of the highest quality - ensuring the ultimate comfort and durability for your pet day in and day out, whilst they relax or sleep. Read more about our luxury pet bedding range here. 

What Pet Furniture & Accessories Do I Need? 

No matter whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a total pet lover, the basic pet supplies stay mostly the same. First, you’ll want to give them a comfy place to rest. The staple of our dog furniture and cat furniture range is our huge collection of mats, cushions, and beds. We recommend a pet bed for night-time with high sides - to give them a sense of security - and a dog cushion or cat cushion for daytime naps. Bonus points if you place your dog lounge somewhere where your furry friend can see you during the day.

You may also want to invest in dog mats or dog car beds if you’ll be taking your pooch out on day trips. Pet car beds give them a sense of security in a place that might make them nervous, and they’ll protect your car interior from scratches and fur. We also recommend a soft, fluffy dog blanket or cat blanket – especially in the cooler months. Some dogs and cats like to curl up under a blanket during winter, but many will just appreciate the soft texture under them while they nap on your couch. Pet blankets have the added benefit of protecting your lounge from excess fur.

We also recommend people with cats buy scratching posts and toys they can play with, to keep your beloved furniture free from kitty damage. You’ll also want to purchase grooming supplies to keep them smelling as cute as they look, and some good detergent to clean up their beds and cushions once they start smelling manky.  

If your pet is a new addition to your home, we love starting off with beds and accessories in the right size, as puppy beds will always be a better fit for your little furry newbie.    

Dog & Puppy Beds 

We have a huge range of beds for dogs, so it’s all about how and where you’ll be using them! For example, our pet fold-out beds are a best seller. With a quilted mat that drapes down over the side of your couch, and padded sides to provide comfort, our fold-out beds turn your sofa into an even more comfortable place to sleep – with the added benefit of protecting your furniture. Our classic dog beds have high sides that are thickly padded, encasing your pup in softness on all sides (like a hug from you!) to keep them feeling safe and calm.  

Cat Beds 

Cats love our range of beds! Soft and comfy, they’re ideal for curling up into a little ball for a catnap. With high sides, your kitty will feel protected and safe while they get their daily 18 hours of sleep. With our great range of colours, you can choose a style that fits in seamlessly with your home.  

Dog Cushions 

Like an oversized mat with exra padding, our dog cushions are incredibly popular. Our dog cushions are great for the kitchen, study, or just a sunny patch for a nap. Making anywhere a soft place to sleep, our plush dog cushions allow your dog to rest wherever you are. Opt for a colour that fits in with your décor. 

Cat Cushions 

Got a working-from-home buddy? If you have a little secretary with whiskers, our cat cushions are a great investment. Place the thick, cushioned mat on your desk and enjoy the sound of purrs without your cat trying to sit on your keyboard.  

Pet Shampoo 

Your pet is so sweet – so let’s keep them smelling that way. Our Aroma Wash range is carefully fragranced to ensure your dogs and cats smell clean and fresh, without making them uncomfortable from the added perfume. Made for pet fur, they’ve never been cleaner!  

Pet Sprays 

Whether you’re spritzing their bed, mat, cushions, or even their cute little body, our pet sprays magically remove odours. Ideal for after you’ve washed their pet bed, our spray will deodorise and protect.  

What type of beds is best for dogs?  

The right type of bed for your dog will depend on their personality!  
Nervous dogs that love to sleep with more security will love our classic pet beds with high sides, that feel like they’re being hugged while they sleep. The extra sense of safety is perfect for stormy nights. Highly sociable dogs prefer a large dog cushion, which can be moved to any room and doesn’t prevent them from easily getting up to say hi when the inspiration strikes. Dogs that love your bed or couch will adore our fold-out beds, which will allow them to sleep on your furniture without getting told off.  

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