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Shop Adairs Kids Bedding, Decor & More Online in Australia 

Welcome to Adairs Kids, your ultimate destination for making beautiful spaces for your kids. We have a collection of bedding, decor, furniture, and toys to give your kids joy. Shop online now to find out what we have to offer. 

What does the Adairs Kids range offer?

The Adairs Kids range offers a delightful selection of products carefully curated to cater to your child's needs and preferences. 

Kids Mattresses 

Your little one spends a third of their day in bed – so you may as well make sure they’re sleeping on the right one. The Adairs Premium Mattress can be customised to perfectly suit their unique sleep needs – and can be changed at any time if their preferences change. If your child wakes up one morning and decides their bed is too hard, you can easily swap to a softer comfort layer. Available in Single, King Single, and even bigger sizes for even bigger kids, this kids mattress is perfect for your kids bed.  

Bed Linen 

Discover a variety of bed linen options from a variety of styles. We have animal prints to magical princess designs, our bed linen collection is sure to delight your little ones.   


We have high-quality sheets, duvet covers, quilt covers, doona covers, and pillowcases, allowing your child to sleep well. Explore our vibrant patterns and delightful prints to find the perfect bedding that compliments their personality.  

Kids Decor 

Add a touch of magic to their space with our delightful kids decor items. From whimsical wall art and captivating cushions to vibrant rugs and charming lighting options, our decor collection helps create a world of wonder and inspiration.   


Encourage imaginative play with our range of toys. From soft and cuddly companions to interactive and educational toys, we have something for every child's interest and age. Explore our selection and let their imaginations run wild.  

What bedding is best for kids? 

Choosing the right bedding for your child is essential for their comfort and enjoyment. At Adairs Kids, we offer a range of bedding options designed specifically with little ones in mind. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting bedding for your child:  


Look for soft and cozy materials such as high-quality cotton or microfiber that provide a comfortable sleep experience for your child.   


Let your child's interests guide you when selecting bedding designs. Whether they love animals, superheroes, or princesses, finding bedding that reflects their favourite themes will make their room truly special.  


It’s important to choose bedding that can withstand their adventures and mis-ad Opt for well-made and durable materials that can withstand frequent washing and wear.   


Consider bedding that can grow with your child. Choose designs that are timeless or easily adaptable to changing interests, ensuring longevity and value for your investment.