Styling with Blue for a Peaceful Home

JUN 23|4 min read

Use the calming properties of all shades to welcome tranquility into your living space.

Imagine you’re standing at the beach, where the crystal sky meets the sapphire waves. A gentle breeze blows lazily in the sunlight and you feel a sense of peace. The colour blue envelops us as we journey through the world, in all the most beautiful aspects of nature.

If you want to recreate that feeling of serenity and freedom within your home, shades of blue are your answer. Creating a sense of tranquillity, blue tones hold calming properties. The colour is known for settling the mind, promoting a feeling of stability and trust - even boosting your productivity.

Whether you want to dip your toes or completely dive into all things blue, we’ve put together the perfect starting place for you.

Midnight hues

Take inspiration from deep navy blues. Midnight shades can clear your head, improve your decision making and sharpen your practical thinking skills. This makes darker hues of blue perfect for your home office. If you’re anything like us, it can be difficult to focus (especially first thing Monday morning) so surround yourself with inky tones to give yourself the best headspace for work.

An easy way to incorporate indigo through your home office, or any space you want to promote a sense of clarity is through decor and soft furnishings. Pop a steely blue candle holder on your desk or drape a navy blanket across your office chair. Introduce subtle texture to add dimension to the space. Darker blues can make a room feel smaller so be sure to add elements of warmth or opt for glass vases and decorations that will dance in the light.

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Cool and calm

Bright, ocean shades of blue are perfect for curating a moment of calm within our busy lives. Pale shades create a deep sense of peace, so are perfect for your bedroom or bathroom. Choose icy hues for your bedlinen or paint your bedroom walls a soft sky blue. You’ll find it easier to fall asleep and may wake up more refreshed.

Step into a bathroom that settles your mind and invokes a feeling of serenity with paler shades of blue. Choose soft, fluffy towels in powder hues and layer various textures to add depth to the monochromatic palette.

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Splashes of blue

Dip into styling with blue by splashing accents across your home. Vases and pots in striking shades of cobalt and cerulean will pair beautifully with a neutral palette or one with cooling tones woven throughout.

Wall art filled with azure shades will create a focal point for your styling. Choose a large piece in a space such as your living room and centre your furniture around the art. Compliment the art with cushions and throws in matching shades, scattered through the room.

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Oceans of colour

Embrace waves of serenity and go all out with blue tones. Make any space into a calming haven by painting the walls in soft, powder shades. For the home office, opt for a statement wall in clarifying navy. Surrounding yourself with these shades will help you feel centred throughout the day.

Build a tranquil escape from the ground up with a deep blue rug. This will add texture and dimension to your styling – as well as keeping you cosy! One of our favourite ways to introduce blue throughout your living space is with cloud-like sofas in sky blue tones. You’ll feel so calm we wouldn’t blame you for nodding off.

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