How to Keep It Natural 

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Neutral doesn’t have to mean bland! Our experts round up all the tips & tricks you need to style with natural colours and fabrics for a modern home.

Transcend trend with this totally timeless colour palette.

Embrace white – full cream, never flat. If you love simple minimalism but are worried about accidentally ending up with a sterile-looking space, don’t worry, we know how to stop neutrals from looking boring. Perfect for homes that need a bit of freshness, a neutral colour palette brings in effortless elegance that will suit all existing aesthetics. From choosing the right shades to suit your space, to layering tones and adding lots of texture, here’s our exhaustive guide to styling natural colours and fabrics.

A not-so blank canvas

We’re here to let you in on a styling secret – those stunning, fresh-looking homes you lust after in Vogue Living are just layers of natural colour. One tone, unlimited possibilities. Creating the perfect base for your styling, natural tones of sand, fawn, buff and oatmeal are gentle on the eye, without feeling cold. Neutral shades pair well with everything, which is why we recommend buying your big pieces – think armchairs and couches – in a natural colour scheme. This way you can change your mind tomorrow and swap your green accents for rust accents without needing to buy new furniture. Neutrals are always the easiest way to do pattern-on-pattern without a cluttered result. A neutral check and a neutral stripe will look cohesive together, even if paired with a colourful throw or cushion.




Ready to take your neutral styling to the next level? A masterclass in minimalism, white-on-white is the style everyone is talking about this season. Creating an effortlessly crisp, cool look, this colour scheme (or lack thereof) has timeless appeal. Keep the style looking interesting, and far from clinical, by playing around with materials. A monochromatic look with a variety of gloss and matte finishes, ceramic, marble, and metal is the modern way to do white. We particularly adore this look in the bathroom, where cotton and linen towels pair beautifully with high-shine tiles and porcelain bathtubs. White gloss bedside tables are easy to keep clean and nail the white-on-white brief when placed next to white quilt covers and sheets. Want a bit more vibrancy? This style allows your pops of colour to shine; try jewel tones or natural colours like terracotta.



Think texture

Nobody wants to live in a mausoleum – that's why it’s so vital that you create visual interest when using a natural colour palette. Neutrals like white and ivory can sometimes feel chilly, but you can stop this by using a variety of textures to elevate your look. A bedroom must, layering is your cheat code to a sumptuous-looking space. If you’ve got lovely smooth white sheets, add a layer of waffle or boucle for a bed you’ll want to dive right into. Boucle makes a showstopping bedhead but can also be represented in a new cushion if you’re not ready to fully embrace this season’s best-trending fabric. Texture can also help to break up a monochromatic look. For example, if you’re doing an all-white bed for a bit of hotel luxury, opt for a quilt cover with tufting to keep the look soft and interesting.


Insider Tip:

A neutral colour palette is ideal for transitioning between seasons. Natural tones like sandy beige, fawn, and ivory lend themselves to subtle pops of colour. Add accessories in colours you’d find in nature – like auburn and rust, or sage and sky – for a look that’ll take you from summer to autumn or winter to spring.




Neutral for kids

Kids just wanna have fun! That’s why we don’t advocate for a “sad beige baby” overhaul of their bedrooms. Your little ones are unlikely to love a tan and cream palette as much as you do, so make sure to bring back a bit of colour. Pastel tones pair beautifully with a neutral colour scheme, so their bedrooms won’t look totally off-theme if there are splashes of lavender and blush. Natural tones like mustard and eucalyptus will help to blend those pastel tones in with your pale pieces. The same tips about texture apply here too - so we recommend opting for boucle furniture and soft furnishings that feature tufting. The beauty of neutral furniture in natural fibres for your child’s room is that the styles are timeless, allowing these pieces to come with them as they grow.




Embrace a neutral colour palette and refresh your home with calming tones.

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