Boucle: Your New Fabric Obsession

JAN 29|4 min read

Discover this season’s trending texture with our guide to all things boucle. From cushions and rugs to armchairs and bedheads, we’ve got pieces in classic colours to complement any home.

Looking to add some cosy texture and warmth to your space? We’ve got your newest fabric obsession!

You may not be familiar with the word, but you’ve definitely seen boucle before. Pronounced ‘boo-klay’, boucle fabric is made by loops or curls being formed in yarn, which creates that soft, fleece-like texture we all know and love.

Easy to pair back with linen or make a statement of its own, read more to find out why everyone’s loving boucle and how to incorporate the trending fabric into your home!




Subtly sophisticated

Go big with boucle

Soothe with softness


Insider Tip:

If your baby is of the furry variety, we’ve got boucle pet beds for all breeds!

A clear trend for the season, boucle fabric provides texture and warmth to easily enrich your styling. More popular than ever, bundle up with beautiful, bobbly boucle this season at Adairs.

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Still not sure how to bring boucle into your home?

Bring a picture of your space and the dimensions in-store and let our team provide tailored advice.

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