How to decorate your Christmas tree?

OCT 02|3 min read

Style your Christmas tree with our range of new season ornaments and decorations.

We love all things Christmas here at Adairs – the presents, the food and of course, the tree! Decorating your Christmas tree is always such a fun occasion, when the family can come together in preparation for the festive season. Whether your tree is adorned with family heirlooms handed down for years, or you pick a new colour scheme every year, we have your decorations sorted.

What are some popular Christmas tree decorations?

All that glitters

Embrace the sparkle and shine of the holiday season with glittery decorations that will make your tree twinkle. Delicate baubles covered in glitter look perfect when scattered around the tree, adding brightness to your styling. You can also introduce glittery accents with a little more subtlety, by opting for baubles with small touches of sparkle.




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Whimsical Clear Feather Ethereal Bauble

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Coil Aqua Bauble

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Vintage Glass Mushroom Decoration

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Hanging Silver Timber Star

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Whimsical Green Jellyfish

Furry friends

Weird and wonderful

Who says your tree has to be traditional or classic? Let your personality shine through with ornaments that embrace your weird side. We’ve got you. From jelly fish to ice creams, golf clubs and even a splarkling champagne, our range of vintage glass ornaments will add character to your styling.

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Felted Swimmer Sporting Hero

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Vintage Glass Coffee Decoration

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Vintage Glass Golf Santa Decoration

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Felted Poodle Friend

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Vintage Glass Vintage Santa Decoration

Delicate delights



Insider Tip:

Hate tangled string lights? Upgrade your tree Christmas Tree one of our premium pre-lit LED trees! Decorating your tree has never been easier.

Decorating the tree is one of the best parts of the Christmas season! Once you've decided what look you’re going for, you’ll be able to gather your loved ones and start the holiday celebrations with a fun day spent creating your perfect tree.

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree

What's the trend for Christmas tree decorations this year?

How many ornaments to put on the tree?

That depends on the size of the tree, the type of ornaments and personal preference. Generally speaking, a small tree may have anywhere from 10-20 decorations, while a larger tree may have anywhere from 20-50 ornaments. If the tree is particularly large, or if it has been decorated with a lot of smaller ornaments, it could have upwards of 100 decorations.

Can I mix and match different decoration themes on my tree?

Absolutely! Your tree should reflect your personality and style. Mixing and matching can create a unique and eclectic look, as long as there's a unifying element, be it color, ornament type, or another theme aspect.

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