5 Ways to Style your Christmas Table

NOV 21|5 min read

Christmas, together with summer weather, means plenty of entertaining & dinner parties are on the horizon.

Hello, summer soirees!

That time of year has finally swung around again - when we welcome friends and family around the table as we gather and celebrate the pure joy of being together. We’re imagining our homes buzzing with activity; guests congregating around a perfectly dressed table for long festive lunches and alfresco dinners while the kids play happily in the garden. If you’re stuck for holiday styling ideas or want to try something new to wow your guests, we’re sharing five super simple yet stunning Christmas table settings to try this coming festive season.

The Traditional Green Table

The Traditional Red Table

The Contemporary Table


The Native Table

The Outdoor Table

Set your Christmas table

How do you choose the right Christmas tablecloth?

When choosing the right Christmas tablecloth, there are a few things to consider. First, factor in the size of your table, ensuring a drop of 6 to 8 inches on all sides. Next, decide on a fabric that aligns with the occasion—fine linens for a sophisticated look or perhaps a festive cotton print for something more casual. Always consider the color palette of your other table settings, aiming for a harmonious look. Lastly, maintenance is key; opt for a tablecloth that's easy to clean and can handle accidental spills during the festive feast.


How do you choose a Christmas table centerpiece?

Choosing the perfect Christmas table centerpiece begins with your decoration theme, be it traditional reds and golds, rustic woods and greenery, or elegant silvers and crystals. Always consider the size of your table; larger tables can accommodate grander pieces while smaller ones benefit from simpler arrangements. The height is essential—opt for pieces that won't obstruct views across the table. Infuse some magic with candles or fairy lights, but always prioritize safety. Natural elements like pine branches or holly can bring a festive touch. Don't forget to add a personal flair, perhaps through DIY elements or personalized tags.


How do you set your Christmas table?

When it comes to setting a Christmas table, start with a clean, ironed tablecloth in a festive or neutral shade, paired with evenly aligned placemats. The foundation of your place setting is the charger, upon which the dinner plate sits. The arrangement of flatware is crucial: forks on the left, while knives (blade inwards) and spoons sit to the right. If dessert is on the menu, its fork and spoon go above the plate. Glasses find their home above the knives, with the water glass taking precedence and any wine or additional glasses placed to its right.

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