The Perfect Towel For Every Body

There’s simply no better feeling than wrapping yourself up in a fresh, soft towel after a nice hot shower or a relaxing warm bath. But finding that carefully crafted, absorbent plush towel that gets softer with every wash can seem almost impossible.

A necessity in every bathroom, our collection of premium towels are all uniquely crafted to the highest standards and made from quality fabrics with the finest woven yarns. They’ve been tested time and time again to ensure instant absorbency, and the ultimate silk-like, luxurious-feel against your skin after every single wash.

Because we know every body is different, our towel collection features a diverse variety of textures, styles, colours, designs, and fabrics, and all come in a range of popular sizes; face washer, hand towel, bath mat and bath sheet, there’s something for every body in our collection.

The Everyday Essential Towel – Our Best Seller

Our Home Republic Flinders Towel is the towel that ticks all the boxes, making it the perfect everyday essential for all bathrooms. Made from the highest quality combed cotton and blended with Egyptian cotton for the ultimate softness and instant absorbency, our Flinders Towel is the classic style you can continue to rely on time and time again. Exclusive to Adairs and available in over 15 stylish colours, such as greys and charcoals to mustards and oranges, you’ll find a hue in the collection to beautifully match your bathroom interior or personal style.



The Towel That’s Super Absorbent

Exclusive to Adairs, our Mercer + Reid Eco Absorbent Towel Range is outstandingly soft and super absorbent against your skin. Made in Turkey from an incredible Turkish Eco Plush Yarn, the Eco Absorbent Towel Range is PVA free, making it an environmentally friendly, and a greener, more sustainable choice for the planet. Available in six stylish colours in textured or solid designs – they’re perfect for any bathroom interior or décor in your home, and you’ll have no trouble finding a colour that matches your existing bathroom style and decor.



The Towel with Antibacterial Properties

Made in Turkey, our Navara Towels feature a rich cotton bamboo blend, providing superior absorbency, whilst offering natural antibacterial properties. With its strength and softness, this bamboo blend towel remains luxuriously soft against your skin after every wash. Exclusive to Adairs, our Navara Towels are available in a number of on-trend autumn colours and are the perfect towel range for every body.


The Textured Towel

Super soft and plush, the Mimosa Textured Towels are a stunning addition to any bathroom as they bring a touch of contemporary style to a versatile and functional towel. Featuring both a cotton terry front and reverse, they’re less likely to cause irritation and have hypoallergenic qualities, making them perfect for allergy sufferers!


Towel Tips – How to Keep Your Towels Beautifully Soft For Longer

The 80:20 Rule

Because there is nothing better than freshly washed, plush towels, the 80:20 rule is one we live by, and now one you’ll live by too. To keep your towels soft, plush and beautiful for longer, we recommend drying them on the clothes line for 80% of the drying duration, and for the remaining 20% of drying time – place the towels in the dryer on a warm tumble-drying cycle, until they’re completely dry. This way, with a gentle tumble dry, you’ll be keeping them softer for longer by protecting the fibers in your towels, whilst stopping the towels from going hard or over-drying outside on the clothes line.

Forget Fabric Softener

We know, fabric softener does wonders on your clothes, but it doesn’t do wonders on your towels. Why? When you wash your towels with a fabric softener of any kind, it prevents the towels from absorbing water, then works to create a waxy, glossy build up on the towel’s fibers over time, which can’t be removed. Which is why we recommend avoid using bleaches or any detergent that contains optical brighteners - instead, opt for a small amount of detergent when washing towels; we suggest using a detergent with less harsher chemicals such as our Aroma Wash Laundry Range, leaving your towels smelling fresh, and feeling oh so soft for longer.

Wash, then wear

Like you would with your new clothing purchase, please wash your towels prior to using them.

Warm wash, always

No matter the style or type of towels you have, we insist you avoid washing your towels in cold water. A warm wash will keep your coloured towels from ‘bleeding’ or discolouring over time, and of course, like you would your clothes, ensure you separate your white towels from your coloured towels in the wash, allowing you to keep your towels as beautiful as the day you bought them.