Style Your Stems

An effortless way to bring nature into your home without the upkeep, our beautiful range of faux green stems, flowers and foliage are perfect on their own, yet come to life when styled together in a bouquet or arrangement, no-maintenance or water required! See how we’ve styled our stem arrangements below.

The Wildflower Bunch

Recreate that ‘just picked’ relaxed look by teaming brightly coloured native florals together to form the main focal point of your bouquet – the more colour intertwined, the better.

Once the native florals have been positioned together, finish the styling by placing the tall stems of mismatched flowers, with natural-looking Eucalyptus stems around the outside of the bouquet, to give you that effortless, wild look.

Our natural-looking stems are always in bloom. Featuring all the finer details; gorgeously soft petals and lush green faux leaves, it's easy to see why they're often mistaken for the real thing.

The Posey

To create a timeless posey bunch, gather our faux stemmed pastel coloured florals with minimal greenery featured on the stem such as our faux English roses, white roses and mauve peonies.

Finish by tying them together with a beautiful pastel hued ribbon and place them in a small fish-bowl vase in your bedroom, living area or kitchen.

The Feature Vase

Making a statement in any room, the Feature Vase is an elegantly styled bouquet that works best with long stem faux florals in just the one colourway, i.e. all white.

Fill the space by surrounding your florals with lush-like deep green foliage, making your gorgeous flowers truly stand out and come to life.

Create your own look by mixing and matching our collection of faux stems and pretty florals to suit your very own personal style - no green thumb required.