Inside Scoop: Why We Love LinenFY20 - Habitat - Landing Page - Hero Mob .jpg

Inside Scoop: Why We Love LinenFY20 - Habitat - Landing Page - Hero DT .jpg

Designed and crafted for stylish and timeless interiors. Linen is one of our most loved fabrics and continues to be a versatile and luxe essential in every home. Linen is a textile made from the natural fibres of the flax plant and is incredibly durable and long-lasting which is why we’ve developed a range of bedlinen, bathroom and homewares pieces in the colours of spring, for you to welcome into your home, and enjoy for years to come. 


Vintage Washed Linen Bedlinen

Beautifully textured and effortlessly stylish, we’ve used pure French flax fibres to create our beautiful linen bedlinen that gets softer with every wash and wear - a quality choice for all year round. Our best-selling product for all the right reasons, the classic vintage washed linen range is soft, luxurious and awash with new spring season colours you’ll love!

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Bamboo Linen Bedlinen

Luxuriously soft, you will adore our bamboo linen blend made from 80% premium bamboo and 20% linen. The bamboo properties in the fabric are hypoallergenic, helping to keep your body’s temperature regulated while you sleep comfortably through the night. A combination of two of our favourite materials, Bamboo Linen is the perfect balance between high-end luxury and effortless style.

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Linen Cushions & Throws

Created from superior quality linen for a relaxed textured approach to home styling; our linen throws and cushions are an easy way to elevate any space. In the hues of spring featuring prints and block colours, mix and match our range to create the perfect cosy reading nook or welcoming oasis.

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Linen Towels & Bathrobes

Linen is 2-3 times stronger and more durable than cotton. Whether you prefer to style with neutrals or play with colour, our linen towels come in a range of colours perfect to suit any home. Plus, with our linen bathrobes, one size fits most, so it’s the perfect gift!

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Linen Tableware

Elevate your kitchen with our stunning new linen table runners. Versatile, stylish and timeless, they will weave seamlessly into any dining style and will remain a classic you turn to time and time again.

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Linen Curtains

We know how much you love our Vintage Washed Linen which has why we have designed these stunning curtains in three timeless hues, available in three sizes. Light-weight in texture and a simple way to weave a sense of depth, freshness, and relaxed elegance into any area of your home they are sure to be loved for years of everyday living.

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