How to update your bed for summerFY21---Summer-Sale---Landing-Page---Summer-Bedding---V2---DT---.jpg

How to update your bed for summerFY21---Summer-Sale---Landing-Page---Summer-Bedding---V2---Mob.jpg

Keep cool and get a better night’s sleep with our top tips for refreshing your bed for summer – from the fabrics you need, to lighter bedding options that’ll keep you cool on those warm summer nights.


For summer bedding cotton and wool are our top picks. Wool is breathable and regulates your temperature. Whilst cotton retains very little heat.


Inside Tip: In order to find the perfect quilt for you, there are a few things to consider; Do you like feeling of weight on your body or do you prefer something light and lofty? Do you have allergies?

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The versatile all rounder. Too hot to sleep? Swap your quilt for a coverlet – it’s the perfect light layer. Then, in winter it doubles as a blanket.

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Quilt Cover & Sheets

For that cool summer look and feel we can’t go past Linen, Bamboo linen and Stonewashed cotton. These light fabrics all are woven from natural fibres that breath well, so they’ll help to keep you cool.


Inside Tip: Mix and match our sheets with your favourite quilt cover. Our sheets come in sets or separates to help you create the perfect summer look.

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