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Nursery Basics

Adairs Kids

Nursery Basics

All the basics are in place – a great cot, a cozy chair to read endless books in and year-round bedding essentials. What follows next is our favourite part – decorating your nursery. By adding playful touches through your decor, you can make your nursery warm and welcoming for both you and your baby to spend time in. Firstly, we recommend creating a nursery mood board and keeping that handy so that the pieces you buy work well together. Let’s get started.

Printed Sheets

Printed sheets are such a fun way to infuse personality into your nursery. They’re great because they’re low investment, can be refreshed seasonally and come in a range of colours and types to suit everyone’s tastes. Browse our collection of printed sheets for something that easily brings playfulness and cheer to your nursery.

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Text Pillowcases

Text pillowcases can brighten up your nursery and are a fun way to add personality and interest. Choose loving messages to complement your nursery décor. For babies under 1, please remember to remove from the cot before baby goes to bed.

*Cot pillows are recommended for decorative purposes only*

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Wall Art

Hanging wall art is a great way to make an impact in your nursery. Our kids range includes wall art for all ages in a variety of themes, colours and sizes. Mix and match these pieces to create a gallery wall or pick a hero piece as a focal point for the room.

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Plush Toys

Best friend, a buddy and something to cuddle through the night, our beautiful collection of soft plush toys will ensure your little one feels safe and loved and are a great addition to any nursery. For babies under 1 year, please remove our soft plush toys from your little one’s cot before sleep time.

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A rug can incorporate colour, pattern and texture to your nursery in addition to adding a cozy and welcoming touch. The kids collection of nursery rugs includes various colours, textures and patterns that can be styled with any space. A well-chosen rug can be a lovely finishing touch to your nursery décor and will brighten up your space.

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Night Lights

Night lights are wonderful for creating a calming feel for your nursery. Apart from being a functional element of every nursery, they are fun and can be styled in harmony with other décor pieces. Choose from our adorable range of nights lights, including licenced designs to brighten up the nights.

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Cushions and Throws

Cushions and throws are a great way to add texture and personality to your nursery. Mix and match to create a cohesive look for your nursery. Our extensive range includes throws in a range of colours and cushions in lovely textures, cute shapes and fun prints.

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