Elevate A Neutral Colour Palette


Elevate A Neutral Colour Palette

There’s no denying the magic of neutrals – they’re a strong base for your home décor, a wonderful way to showcase texture, and as we’ll now show you, a great way to bring colour into your space. Here is a look at how to make the most of a neutral palette by using it as a base for introducing colour into your home.

Start With the Base – Welcome The New Neutrals

Our new-season neutrals are full of texture and technique – broderie, quilting, chenille – bringing new depth to your home. Use these classic pieces to set a foundation for your home styling that’s full of personality, while being versatile enough to make your colour accessories pop.

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Start small & ease into it

While introducing colour, the trick is to start small. Pick a colour you love and adorn your space with décor pieces in this colour. Choose from new-season homewares like a cosy rug, a textured throw or some beautiful wall-art in your chosen colourway.

Spread Colour Around & Connect It

Once you feel a little more comfortable around colour, spread your wings. Patterns are a wonderful way to bring in colour through textiles and bedlinen. Spread similar tones around your space to tie your home styling together.

Hot tip: Liven up a room with a statement piece of furniture for added oomph.

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