How to Prepare Your Bed for Winter

How to Prepare Your Bed for Winter

Winter season is the perfect time to snuggle up under the covers and keep warm with a hot cuppa. But first, you’ll need to ensure your bedroom is properly prepared for when the cooler weather starts to hit. In season Velvet-like quilt covers, cosy bedding and luxe fur accessories are the best way to layer and create a winter sanctuary. Here, we’ve put together 5 simple steps using the best-sellers from our Winter Warmers Edit, to help you create a cosy cocoon at home.

Step 1: Start with Flannelette Sheets – The Perfect Winter Base

The first step to creating a warm sanctuary is to opt for warmer sheets compared to your standard sheets. Our plain dyed and patterned flannelette sheets are the perfect base for your bed this winter. Made from cotton, they’re soft and breathable against your skin and will help you keep warm and cosy, all through the night.

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Step 2: Opt for A Warm Wool Quilt

Next, swap your everyday or lighter quilt for a warmer, heavier quilt. Our range of Downtime and MiniJumbuk Wool Quilts are made from natural Australian wool and provides a breathable amount of warmth for cold sleepers, whilst naturally regulating your body’s temperature. Not to mention, it comes with a 5-year warranty, making it the perfect investment this season, and for the next five winters!

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Step 3: Dress Your Bed with Luxe Bedlinen

As the weather changes, your bedlinen should too. If you normally rely on lighter or linen fabrics, choose a heavier, more weighted quilt cover design to get you through the colder nights and chilly mornings. This is also the perfect opportunity to opt for a different colour or print to freshen up your bedroom!

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Step 4: Add Blankets for an Extra Layer of Warmth and Style

We all know winter is all about layering. So, it should come as no surprise that blankets are next on the list of products you need to prepare your bed for winter. Providing an added, extra layer of warmth to your bed, our Ultrasoft, Quilted and Faux Fur Blankets are the best essentials that will keep you warm from head to toe, all night long.

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Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches

The fifth and final step is to add the finishing touches! Opt for detailed, textured, patterned cushions and soft fur throws in all the beautiful hues of the cooler season when styling your bed. Finishing touches which not only create a stylish look, but also add more depth and make your sanctuary both comfortable and inviting.

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