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Create a bright and airy space

A bright and airy space will make your home office feel less like a workspace and more like a personal sanctuary. Think simple seating styles, patterned rugs, contemporary desks and touches of greenery.



Warmth with a modern touch

Colour is key to creating a warm home office, so make sure you stick to dark, earthy, rich tones to achieve this look. Start with your desk, the focal point of your office. Once the stage has been set, add in modern textures: think various types of wood, leather and industrial metal accents.


A feminine, cosy, reading nook

Perfect for small spaces mix up working from your desk or dining table and settle into a snug reading nook. Throws, diffusers and plush rugs are essential to creating the ultimate cosy space. Tie your corner together with pastel coloured artwork and you are all set!


For your little-est colleagues

For your little-est colleagues

Create an inspiring space at home for your little ones to learn, play… and keep entertained! Choose a desk in a timeless style that they can love for years to come - that’s why we love our Arden desk and matching chair! 

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For your little-est colleagues