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About Fleur Harris

It’s been a wonderful & magical journey since we launched the first Fleur Harris x Adairs Kids collection back in 2018.


Here’s a little more about the extraordinarily talented artist behind the collaboration – Fleur Harris.

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A sophisticated yet fun collection, inspired by the joys of playing make-believe. Bursting with wonder, excitement and magical details to be discovered.

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Our very first Fleur Harris x Adairs Kids collection. Inspired by the magic of childhood, adventure, imagination, and Fleur’s love for nature.

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Field of Dreams

A dreamy collection featuring unicorns, fairies and butterflies set amongst a magical field of beautiful flowers and foliage.

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Our first dedicated nursery collection inspired by the much-loved Woodlands ABC chart. Featuring charming illustrations of woodland friends, on a soft vintage inspired colour palette.

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A vibrant and captivating collection that brings to life the magic of Springtime. A garden scene in full bloom that features a fresh, uplifting colour palette.

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In the Woods

Fun and enchanting, this stunning collection features a gentle deer, dreaming fox, curious squirrels and more, all set amongst a lush Woodland forest.

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Explore our video series to learn more about Fleur Harris x Adairs Kids. From how the collaboration came to be, to inspiration, to a little look at Fleur’s beautiful home in Melbourne.

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