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Nursery Basics

Adairs Kids

Nursery Basics

Preparing your bub’s nursery is an exciting time! There's furniture to choose, sheets to pick out and a whole lot of daydreaming to ensue. It is often a busy time, so we’ve developed this guide to help you to create a magical nursery that is welcoming, comfortable, and includes all the essentials in a few easy steps. Whether you’re planning or refreshing your little one’s nursery, this guide touches on everything you need for a functional and stylish space.


As newborns spend so much time sleeping, your cot becomes the focal point, and possibly the most important part of setting up your nursery. Choose something that sets the tone for your nursery décor, like The Arden Cot – timeless, gorgeous and versatile, it suits multiple interior styles.

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Close on the heels of the perfect cot, is ensuring your little one has quality bedding. The luxuriously soft textures and natural materials of the Adairs Kids range of bedding promote comfortable and restful sleep for your bub. Opting for natural fibres like bamboo, wool and cotton is an essential as they regulate temperature for a peaceful sleep.

*Cot pillows are recommended for decorative purposes only*


Sheets are among the most important building blocks of any nursery. From plain to printed, novelty and gingham patterned sheets there’s a wide range, great for mixing and matching with the rest of your bedlinen. Choose your favourite cot sheets at Adairs Kids - they are sure to remain staples that you reach for time and time again.

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The next step in the nursery puzzle is picking your perfect quilt cover. Quilt covers are a great way to add colour and interest to your nursery without a big spend, and they can be easily changed with the season to bring a refreshing feel into your little one’s space. Choose something in pretty florals for a dainty-themed nursery, or one of our many in-house designed novelty printed quilt covers for something more fun.

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Creating a comfortable space for you and your bub is key when planning your space – it’s where you spend the most time with your baby – reading, singing or nursing. One of the crown jewels of your nursery, a well-chosen rocking chair, can anchor your space and helps to create a comfortable oasis to make cherished memories.

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Storage is one of the most important parts to a functioning nursery, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Choose from a range of stylish storage options like baskets, toy boxes, shelves, blanket boxes and chests of drawers to bring order and a sense of calm to your nursery. Our storage options double-up as beautiful décor pieces and also bring a cohesive feel to your little one’s nursery.

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Baby blankets are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour and personality to your nursery, and they’re super versatile too. They’re perfect for that extra layer of warmth for cuddle time or something to lay your little one down on while you watch on and enjoy them play. Fun textures and prints take baby blankets to a new level of cuteness – the hardest part will be choosing your favourites!

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The Adairs Kids range of bath towels are proof that towels don’t have to be boring. Our range of bath towels are functional, yet stylish and fun, making bath time extra special. Weave our plush, ultra-soft, absorbent and detailed bath towels into your little one’s night-time routine.

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Our gorgeous range of soft cotton swaddles are a must-have. Versatile, buttery-soft and in a range of patterns and prints, they are an essential accessory to your little one’s nursery. They can transform into playmats, sunshades or burp cloths in addition to creating a cosy cocoon for your baby.

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