Inside Scoop: How to decorate with botanicalsFY20 - AK Habitat - Landing Page - Hero Mob .jpg

Inside Scoop: How to decorate with botanicalsFY20 - AK Habitat - Landing Page - Hero DT .jpg

In celebration of our beautiful country landscape, we bring to you our brand-new Spring collection – filled to the seams with tales of the bush. With a focus on Australian botanicals and furry friends, our new season pieces feature artwork hand-painted by our designers to reflect the stunning Australian landscape that we love even more at this time of the year. With a mix of soft and vibrant colours, make a statement by adding play and wonder with new season botanicals this season.


Think of beds and bedlinen as the bookends of a room. They do the important job of setting context and mood, play and wonder. This season, we encourage the bushland adventurer in your little ones to come to play with our new collection. With bedlinen featuring delicate hand-drawn prints of Australiana, find native flora, fauna and the breathtaking colours of the bush reflected through thoughtful designs. Each piece is sure to get your little one’s inspiration going!

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“I wanted the designs to evoke the feeling of being out in the bush, surrounded by sweet wildflowers and swaying eucalyptus leaves.” Laura, Adairs Textile Designer



Shine the light on star pieces by polishing them off with our collection of complementing accessories. Brighten your kid's spaces with playmats rich with botanical motifs, wall art featuring adorable furry friends, and printed sleeping bags and tents to carry their bushland adventure forward.

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“I envisioned them styled with clays, mustards or khaki – with beautiful  linen cushions and throws, on a wooden frame bed surrounded by indoor plants, with a lemon myrtle fragrance.” Laura, Adairs Textile Designer




Complement playful pieces with a range of furniture that echoes with outdoorsy wonder. Find natural materials this season, with rattan pieces taking the forefront in the kid’s collection. Our beautiful heritage-style rocking chairs, playful bedheads, cots, chest of drawers; and smaller character pieces like wall hooks and bookshelves match back perfectly with the rest of this collection, anchoring your little one’s spaces in the gifts of Spring.

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Add that outdoorsy touch to your littlest one’s space too, with a whole range of new season Spring pieces. Find thoughtful details like baby bush animals and prints of native botanicals translated into everyday nursery pieces. Introduce the magic of the season and find your littlest one’s spaces refreshed for the sunny skies ahead!

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