New Collection

New Collection

Discover our NEW Dana Kinter Collection. Each piece is a keepsake in itself, featuring unique illustrated artworks and versatile pieces that will sing in any space they adorn. A nod to the remarkable Australian landscape, this collection features Bedlinen, Home Accessories, Cushions and fragrant Aroma Washes. With a focus on sustainability, all pieces have a personality of their own and echo the beauty and depth of Dana’s artistic vision, making for thoughtful gifts or additions to your own living space.

Wattle Bedlinen

A view of foraged eucalyptus and wattle overlayed on hand painted timber board – celebrating Australian flora and fauna with a subdued colour palette. This bedlinen will sit happily in homes of both modern and traditional. Made with certified organic cotton and packaged in a delightful self-fabric reusable tote bag.

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---2.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---.jpg

Protea Bedlinen

The protea design is a celebration of Dana Kinter’s distinctive painting style. The vibrant colours in this bedlinen reflect the beauty and strength of the protea flower. This is a joyful design that will brighten up any bedroom with a pop of colour. Made with certified organic cotton and packaged in a delightful self-fabric reusable tote bag.

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---9.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---8.jpg

Wattle Coverlet

A perfect compliment to the Wattle Bedlinen, the Wattle Coverlet features the signature foraged eucalyptus and wattle design. Dana's personal favourite piece from the collection, pair it back with the matching bedlinen or - to her advice - use it as a throw over a comfy sofa or reading chair.

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---5.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---4.jpg

Green Finch Bedlinen

Gorgeous Australian birds peeking through native grevilleas – picture dewy mornings where the air is crisp and the sun is high. This bedlinen is perfect for a fresh start to Summer. Made with certified organic cotton and packaged in a delightful self-fabric reusable tote bag.

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---3.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---10.jpg

Text Pillowcases

Printed with soulful text and Dana Kinter’s original artworks, the certified organic cotton text pillowcases can be styled beautifully with the rest of the collection or on their own. They instantly give your space a relaxed, tranquil feel.

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---11.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---12.jpg

Featuring: Dana Kinter Protea & Wattle Table Light

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---13.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---14.jpg

Table & Servingwear

Dana Kinter’s signature style has been applied to these stylish servingware pieces, each one featuring a rendition of her artworks. Made from mango wood, each piece a collectable in itself, and is finished with an enamel gloss to make the colours pop.

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---15.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---16.jpg

Featuring: Dana Kinter Keep Cups, Dana Kinter Wattle Tea Towel

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---17.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---18.jpg

Featuring: Dana Kinter Wattle & Protea Case

FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---19.jpg FY20---Dana-Kinter---Landing-Page---485x570---20.jpg

Aroma Wash

Our Dana Kinter Aroma Wash is a botanical rich wash, containing extracts of Quandong and Desert Lime combined with pure essential oils, bringing Australian flora & fauna scents right into your home. Match it with our signature Dana Kinter lotion that contains moisture-rich Shea and Rosehip.

WIN 1 of 4 Dana Kinter Prize Packs
WIN 1 of 4 Dana Kinter Prize Packs

WIN 1 of 4 Dana Kinter Prize Packs

Valued at up to $500 each, simply subscribe to go in the draw to win 1 of 4 Dana Kinter prize packs.

Plus, get a sneak peek of Dana's full collection when you enter.

Q&A with Dana Kinter

Q&A with Dana Kinter

Meet the Artist Dana Kinter and learn about her creative background, what inspired her to collaborate with Adairs, insights into her home life and her view on sustainable living.

Q&A with Dana Kinter