Inside Scoop: Colour Trends for SpringFY21---Habitat---Landing-Page---Colour-Story---V2---2.jpg

Inside Scoop: Colour Trends for SpringFY21---Habitat---Landing-Page---Colour-Story---V2---.jpg

As we welcome blue skies and sunny days ahead, this is the perfect time to update your home for the new season. With 200+ new arrivals from bedroom to bath to kids, we’re here to inspire you.

When it comes to styling the new Australiana trend, the key to perfecting the look is your colour palette. Read on for the inside scoop on this season’s colour trends – all inspired by Australia’s unique bushland surroundings.



Inspired by the swaying eucalyptus, a key colour trend this season is the earthy Eucalyptus greens; perfect for grounding any space and welcoming in a sense of calm and tranquillity. Eucalyptus can be easily used as the hero colour of your space, or as an accent with cushions and throws. Soft and subtle, it’s an ideal colour for spaces where a sense of calm and relaxation are key: think bedrooms, bathrooms and reading nooks. Complete the look with our range of faux plants – no green thumb required!


Peach Pink

Instantly brighten and elevate your home styling with peach pink – our top pick this season for creating feminine, contemporary spaces. With styling, we always come back to the ever-versatile pink, and this season it’s having a fresh update with peachy tones that reflect the blooming, brighter colours we see out in nature. A real mood lifter; pops of colour can change the feel of a space – pair peach pinks with refreshing white and rattan to creative bright, inviting spaces. Or use pink to balance out bolder tones, such as mustard and terracotta.



Inspired by the colours of our sunburnt country, be bold with terracotta. This season, introduce terracotta and clays to your space, to round out the earthy, Australiana feel. Style these earthy hues throughout your space to add warmth and give your room that “golden hour” feel, all day long. To achieve the Australiana trend, be sure to pair eucalyptus with terracotta. If you’re new to this colour start small – one or two key pieces that you love, perhaps a pot, cushion or wall art.



Neutrals are ever the cornerstone of styling, no matter the style there’s room for neutrals. In amongst the earthy tones inspired by the bush, make space for neutrals – the perfect springboard for the new season colours. Beyond its versatility, we love neutrals for their amazing colourways, from relaxing whites, to honey-like hues and linens. Use these neutrals paired with natural materials like wood and rattan, to create a sense of warmth, space and light. For some vibrancy, introduce Eucalyptus, peach pinks or terracotta to add interest.