Colour Dictionary


Colour Dictionary

Colour has always been a powerful way to breathe new life into spaces, different shades evoking different moods and emotions. To help you harness the power of colour, our designers have travelled the world, collecting inspiration and the latest colour trends for your home.

We’re happy to bring you the Adairs Colour Dictionary 2020 – The A-Z of the new colour palette for the season, and a guide for you to use when you weave it into your home.

ACCENTUATE & WARM with Terracotta & Clay

Last year Terracotta and Clay tones were working their way into our homes, but this year they’re bolder than ever, and here to stay. Pairing back beautifully with blush pinks or cooler greys, this colour brings Autumn inspiration to your home. 

Textures amplify the warmth and softness that come with this palette, expressed through techniques like tufting and luxurious fabrics like velvets in this collection. Browse through our new collections of butter-soft bedlinen, on-trend prints and home décor, all dripping in Terracotta.  


Hot Tip - Natural décor is trending! Pair terracotta-toned textiles with timber furniture or woven homewares such as woven rugs, baskets, bowls and timber side tables. 

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BEAUTIFY with Nude Pinks & Warm Neutrals

Blush Pink tones cast a feminine energy into any space, bringing to it a sense of home. Pairing back perfectly with many neutral wall colours, our Beautify palette evokes a sense of comfort and peace– through serene wall art prints, textured bedlinen designs and calming neutral décor and home accessories. 

A popular color, Blush Pink, regularly features in our collections at Adairs. This season find updates to our line through ditsy floral Bedlinen prints, soft textural cushions and a fresh colour range of towels. 


Hot Tip: Create a natural modern look by bringing in pieces with a minimal edge. 

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Autumn is that time of year when we turn inwards, reconnecting with ourselves and our loved ones after an energetic Summer. Layering calm and gentle Green tones into your space reinforces that connection to nature and ourselves. 

Known for evoking wholeness, wellbeing and self-love, Olive is a perfect colour for your living room or bedroom. If you’re new to the colour, think of incorporating soft layers of Olive tones – a cushion here, a blanket here. If you’re feeling adventurous, a hero piece of furniture can work magic. 


Hot Tip: Layer your space with our new Sheepskins in Olive or Ginger to make your space feel instantly welcoming. 

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Add DRAMA with Steel Blue

A serene and refreshing tonal Blue palette can create luxury in any space, particularly the bedroom. Layering with warmer tones like Blush Pink brings a sense of balance and tranquillity to the colour.

Tones of Blue have seen a shift this season. Traditional Navy takes a backseat and Steel Blue takes on a slightly lighter edge. The statement is made through the dramatic textures of bedlinen, quilt covers and coverlets. Statements with this palette are also made by offsetting bold blues with shades of Blush Pink or Neutrals.  

Hot Tip: Our new line of Wall Art features light, happy hues – perfect to balance drama and great to create interest. 

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ENERGISE with Spice & Dijon

Just what is it about Spice that makes it one of our favourite colours of the season? A hint of warmth on a cool day? A playful touch to trusty neutral? All of the above?  

If you don’t know where to start with this bold color, start with one piece. Maybe a pillowcase that you can then pare back with white bedlinen – we guarantee it will make your day sunnier!  Once you get a hang of it, there will be no going back. Play with bedlinen with interesting textures or dress a corner with a luxurious velvet Ottoman.  

Hot Tip: Place our on-trend curios like the Geo Decorative Stand on console tables or on top of fireplaces for pops of intrigue.  

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