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Adairs Kids: Toys Guide

When you’re a child, every day is a new adventure. Through playing and the use of their imagination, kids learn, grow and develop. Unique to Adairs, our beautiful range of kid’s gifts and toys are all designed for fun times and to assist with the development stages in your child’s early life. Choose from our wide collection of soft and plush teddys, wooden toys, and gorgeously detailed gifts – all of which will allow your little one to play, learn and create a world of their own.

Soft Plush Toys
Soft Plush Toys

Soft Plush Toys

Perfect toy for children of all ages.

A soft, plush toy is one of the first companions a child will have in their life. A best friend, a buddy and something to cuddle into throughout night, our beautiful collection of detailed, soft plush toys have all been exclusively designed for Adairs and will ensure your little one feels safe and loved whether they’re sleeping, or off on their next big adventure.

For babies under 1 year, please remove our soft plush toys from your little one’s cot before sleep time.

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Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

Suitable for children aged 3 years and under.

There is something so special and unique about a wooden toy. Educational, fun and safe, ours have been made to feature intricate details and to last for many years to come.

See their eyes light up with our brightly coloured collection; activate their little minds with our block stacker and shape sorters or let them construct their favourite animal with our ‘Build A’ range.

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Wooden Toys
The Doll House
The Doll House

The Doll House

Perfect gift for children aged 3+

Our Cambridge Doll House is truly magical.
This traditional doll house style will keep
their creativity and imagination flowing for
hours on end.

Painted in fun, pastel colours and featuring
beautiful detailing, it’s the perfect addition
to any playroom, and is a special toy they’ll
enjoy and cherish now and for many years to

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Playtime Toys

Playtime Toys

Warning: endless hours of fun will be had with our incredible range of playtime toys.

From gorgeous rocking chairs with curved wooden features designed for gentle rocking, to our exciting Hobby Horses which feature a fluffy mane and easy grip handles, these toys will keep your little ones busy for hours on end, whilst also making a wonderful and stylish keepsake to the bedroom or nursery.

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Playtime Toys


Whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday or a special occasion, give them a gift they’ll remember.

Our range of kid’s soft plush toys have all been exclusively designed for us, making them completely unique to Adairs – which in turn allows you to avoid the dreaded double-up of gift buying at Christmas time.

Find them a gift they love - shop our collection of Kids Toys and Gifts below.

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