100% Mulberry Silk Sheets


100% Mulberry Silk Sheets


Silk sheets are a timeless, luxurious piece of bedlinen that no bedroom is complete without. An indulgent treat for yourself and an equally wonderful gift idea, our Silk sheets come in a variety of colours that have been designed to help style your bedroom with a touch of elegance.

Oh So Comfortable

Lustrous, glossy and smooth to the touch, Silk sheets spoil you with numerous beauty benefits and unparalleled luxe comfort. 

Sleeping on pure silk helps keep moisture in, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, fresh and plump-looking.

It also helps fight the visible signs of ageing, as the silk fabric reduces friction and ‘drag’ against the skin while sleeping, resulting in fewer ‘sleep creases’ when you wake. Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with silk!

The Natural Choice

Naturally hypoallergenic, silk sheets are natural and free of skin irritants. The silk fabric is gentle on sensitive skin and glides over your skin for the ultimate in luxury and comfort

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The Perfect Partner – Silk Pillowcases

Why stop at silk sheets when you can treat yourself to full-body luxury? Take bedtime bliss to another level and shop our Silk pillowcases.

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Oh Baby, Silk!

Oh Baby, Silk!

The ultimate baby indulgence – pure silk cot sheets for your little royalty! Give your baby the gift of the gentlest sleep ever, and with it, the many benefits of silk; including temperature regulation, unbelievable softness and naturally hypoallergenic properties. This makes sleeping on silk perfect for sensitive baby skin, while also ensuring their fine hair doesn’t break or get knotted, protecting their delicate locks all night long. We want to give them the very best in the world, after all.

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Oh Baby, Silk!