Unbox. Unroll. Unwrap. Unwind.

Congratulations! We’re so excited that you’ve received your tailor-made Adairs Premium Mattress.

that it’s here, let’s help you get ready for a perfect night’s sleep with our easy step-by-step guide:

Set-up Tips & Tricks

We know you’re excited to unbox your mattress! Before you start, we have a few pointers to make set-up hassle-free.

Make sure you’ve allowed enough room  

  • We’ve done our best to condense your new mattress into a convenient box, but keep in mind that it’s going to expand once you’ve unwrapped it. We recommend you unbox the mattress in the room you want it in, with plenty of room to move around on either side. 

It’s heavy! This is a two-person job

  • Enlist help from a friend or family member before you start unboxing your new mattress. The process of lifting, unrolling and positioning your mattress will require one person on each side. Weights:

    Single - 31kg

    King Single – 35kg

    Double 41kg

    Queen - 45kg

    King - 52kg

    Super King - 57kg


FY23 - Adairs Premium Mattress - Icons - 1 - Unbox.pngStep 1: Unbox

Cut open one end of the box using scissors and slide the compact mattress onto your bed. Remove the outermost layer of plastic that’s holding your mattress in a rolled-up shape, being careful not to pierce the inner layer of wrapping.

FY23 - Adairs Premium Mattress - Icons - 2 - Unroll.png

Step 2: Unroll

Straighten your mattress so that it’s centred on your bedframe, then begin to manually unroll it. Once you have it laying as flat as possible, carefully snip a corner of the inner plastic bag to allow for inflation.  

FY23 - Adairs Premium Mattress - Icons - 3 - Unwrap.png

Step 3: Unwrap

Wait for a minute or two as your mattress gradually grows in size. Once inflation seems to have slowed, it’s time to carefully cut along the side of the inner plastic bag and remove it. You may need to lift the edges of the mattress to do this.  

FY23 - Adairs Premium Mattress - Icons - 4 - Unwind.pngStep 4: Unwind

Unlike standard mattress-in-a-box designs, the Adairs Premium Mattress is ready to sleep on straight away. You can immediately put on your favourite mattress toppers, bedlinen and quilts, and get down to some great sleep.