Mineral Throughout the Home

Our Mineral collection tells of a relaxed space filled with a soothed energy; a sanctuary, encompassing all that is required to calm space throughout the home. The colour palette is refreshing and harmonious, with soft shades of watery blues, cool greys and orchid pinks. Create a warm, de-cluttered, inviting atmosphere throughout every room in your home with our key Mineral pieces.

Mineral in the Bedroom

This beautifully designed Ripple Quilted White Quilt Cover features a textured ripple throughout the design, instantly providing a modern look for the bedroom.

Keep the look fresh and inviting by styling our Mineral bedlinen designs with pastel accessories such as our detailed cushions and throws - when layered together they bring an extra element of warmth to the room.

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Mineral on the Wall

Re-energize your home with our collection of Mineral wall art designs. Choose from calming watercolour prints featuring soft shades or inspiring quotes that help to promote a happy space in the home.

Hang your favourite design on its own or bring more life into the room by mixing and matching prints to create a stylish gallery wall.

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Mineral in the Bathroom

Our marble coloured bathroom accessories are the perfect way to subtly introduce contemporary, Mineral elements into the bathroom.

After a long day, instantly switch into relax mode with our range of Aroma Wash hand and body washes or lotions in soothing, refreshing scents.

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Complete the Mineral look with our soft and super absorbent Eco Towel range. Coming in various pastel solid colours and textured designs, these essential towels beautifully draw the entire look together.