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Arden Furniture

Say hello to Arden, our ever-popular rattan collection. Loved for it’s stunning timeless look and weaved rattan detailing, the Arden rattan collection includes pieces for babies and bigger kids.

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Say hello to Brighton, our adorable and versatile rattan collection with a rainbow shaped design. Choose from a bedhead, clothes rack, wall shelf, mirror and more.

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Say hello to Hunter, our modern yet versatile storage collection. With a mix of white and timber, it’s perfect for brightening spaces. Choose from a bookshelf, toy box and more.

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Say hello to Aspen! Featuring a soft matte velvet, and a vertical upholstered design on select pieces; it will add a touch of luxe to your little one’s room. Choose from a bedhead, storage box, sofa and more.

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Say hello to Oasis, a stunning rattan design loved for it’s playful boho look. Style each piece individually to create an eclectic look, or style them together for a cohesive look. Choose from a bedhead, chair, sides tables and mirror.

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Find the perfect storage solutions for your little one's space, from baskets to storage trunks to bookshelves and more. Designed in-house, our storage range features playful prints and designs that will replace the chaotic mess with organised fun!

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