Behind the Design: Blossom Meadow

FEB 02|6 min read

Meet Kelsey Elliston, our in-house designer, and discover the story and creative process behind her designs for the Blossom Meadow collection.

We sat down with Kelsey to talk us through her process - from coming up with the initial design concepts, to executing the final artworks that end up on our shelves.

We spoke about the inspiration behind the beautiful Adairs Kids Blossom Meadow collection which includes a Sheet Set, Quilt Cover Set, Teepee, Cushion, Swaddles, Flip Out Sofa, Wall Art, and Pillowcase.

Join us as we take a look behind the design and find out more about Kelsey’s art style, and what she enjoys the most about creating her designs.

What inspired this collection? Tell us about your illustration style.

What can you tell us about the animals in your collection?

The animals I drew for this collection were autumnal and woodland inspired. I started with rough sketches and refined the faces to feel like they each had a bit of personality. Sometimes they felt too serious, so I tried to make them a bit sillier or add a little smile. For example, the bear is holding a bouquet of flowers, I felt like that made him look so much sweeter.

"I loved drawing these animals and I think you can see the joy in the design.”

What’s your creative process when designing a collection?

“My designs always feel a lot more joyful when I'm really enjoying creating the artwork for it.”

How do you work with colour?

For this collection, I wanted to use autumnal colours that were quite sweet, soft, and pretty. I wanted it to feel cosy, peaceful and gentle.

In terms of distributing colour, I try and use every little bit of colour and place it throughout the whole design, so it feels balanced in the end.


Can you describe the colouring process?

The colouring happens more towards the end and there usually ends up being a lot of recolouring. For example, the bear initially started out as brown but ended up being grey instead. Once the first finished design is complete, I’ll print it out on our big printer, look at it, and can then see which parts look too strong or if it looks like the colour balance is wrong because there's too much brown or pink. That’s when I keep going back and changing things.

Are you a digital artist or do you prefer traditional illustration?

When I started, I really liked doing just digital work. Around the time I designed the Blossom Meadow collection I was way more into using my iPad for designs, but recently I’ve been trying to switch to doing more hand-painted designs. I like working digitally but I'm trying to build up those skills a bit more by pushing myself to do more hand-painted designs.


Do you usually design for Kids collections, or is this a newer area for you?

I design across adults and kids products, but I think designing for kids is fun because you get to draw characters. I like both, but I feel more comfortable with kids’ designs because I’ve done that the most.

"Seeing your designs in store is one of the most enjoyable things about working as a designer.”


Enter a world of whimsy when you discover Kelsey’s Blossom Meadow range. Inspired by picture book pages and designed with little ones in mind, this magical collection will bring wonder right into your child’s room. Let them cuddle up with new furry friends in soft, gentle colours for a cosy bedroom look.