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MAR 08|5 min read

As the weather cools down and the skies turn grey, it’s time to embrace the changing seasons, and take the opportunity to transform your home.

Create a space that welcomes you, your friends and your family inside, with simple swaps and tips that will ensure your home transitions through the seasons with you.

A timber table spread with an assortment of plates, platters, glasses and jugs all filled with fruits, cheeses and breads.
A tan leather armchair sits in front of a home staircase with an assortment of neutral tone cushions cascading down the bottom.
A sunlit window behind a corduroy, forest green dog bed sitting on the floor in front of a cushioned timber armchair.

Moody hues

A close up, angled view of floral, velvet and quilted cushions arranged on a bed

Cosy comforts

Front view of a bed with rattan bedhead in front of a white wall. The made bed has a floral bedspread with dark blue and green cushions.
Four cushions sit stacked on the floor in front of a rustic timber door. To the right hang three throws in shades of brown and green.
A front view looking out a window to a country scene with a pile of books and two white vases sitting on the window sill.

Branch out

A green patterned towel and a small marble tray filled bathroom accessories sits on a window sill in front of the slightly ajar window.

Warm embraces

An assortment of small decorative vases arranged in the corner of a large timber window.
A close up shot of a textured white and brows stripe cushion, lying on a tasseled brown and white checked rug.

Create your perfect retreat with these simple changes, and design a welcoming space where you and your family can let go of the day and relax. Explore our latest range for everything you need to transition your home seamlessly into chillier days and cosy nights.