Insider Tips: Easter Entertaining

APR 03|3 min read

The Easter holidays are the perfect time to extend an invitation to your nearest and dearest, and celebrate the season in style!

We’ve put together this guide to take you through setting the table and decorating your space with ease, so you can focus on spending time with your loved ones.

A dining room scene with a pink tablecloth and lots of baked Easter treats along the centre, served on assorted platters. Eucalyptus stems in sculptural vases are in the middle of the table, and the background is a wooden wall.

Step 1: Set the scene

A close up, cropped image of a tart set on a brown plate, with a woven placemat underneath. The tablecloth is gingham and there are two Easter eggs towards the top of the frame.

Step 2: Everything in place

In the centre of the frame is a white mug with a hand pouring milk into the mug. Around the mug are baked treats on Easter themed plates and platters, and in the background are vases, Easter eggs and a plate of hot cross buns all on top of a pink linen tablecloth.
A close up shot of a wooden bowl filled with hot cross buns on a gingham table cloth. Golden easter eggs are scattered around the bowl and in the background is a white vase.
Assorted glasses in clear and orange colours, with intricate details set on coasters and a gingham tablecloth. To the sides of the frame are a plate of croissants at the left and a vase of stems to the right. There are golden easter eggs on the table.

Step 3: Drink up

A close up and cropped image of three platters containing baked treats, the centre platter is long and features a design on chickens and flowers. In the top of the frame, slightly out of focus is a eucalyptus stem and a green glass.

Step 4: First serve

A woman stands behind a dining table filled with food, platters, glassware and vases. The table has a gingham tablecloth and cream coloured chairs, and the background is a wooden wall.

Step 5: Finishing touches