Our Relaxation Rituals

JUL 10|5 min read

Take a deep breath; inhale calm, exhale the busy day.

Sunday Edit: exhale, relax, reset.

The hectic pace of our daily lives doesn’t end the second we walk through the front door.

If you’re like us, the 5-to-9 after our 9-to-5 tends to be just as full-on as the hours that came before it. Once you’re done with evening chores, we recommend dedicating yourself to a relaxation ritual that signals to your body that it’s time to unwind. Adding a few moments of calm before bed can help settle your mind and prepare for a great night’s sleep.

When it's time to create a calm space at home, turn on a few lamps to make the light soft and gentle.

Overhead lighting is the enemy of relaxation. While downlights are a practical choice for your day-to-day, they can be too stark for the evening. We recommend dimming or switching off your main room lights, and swapping over to the softer, more ambient glow of lamps.

Placing a lamp on your bedside table, or popping a floor lamp in the corner of your room will create the diffused light you’re aiming for. While your lightbulb choice is important - we suggest warm white rather than cool white - a natural-toned lampshade can ensure you’re emitting the right vibe.

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A perfect moment for mindfulness or meditation, the act of lighting a candle can be a great way to signpost the start of your unwinding routine. A flickering candle is one of the fastest ways to make a space feel more like a sanctuary, instantly adding that cosy vibe.

Add another layer to your ritual and choose a candle with aromatherapy properties - lavender is a great choice, along with rose and jasmine. Candles have to be burned to be truly enjoyed; don’t save your candles “for best”, treat yourself to their scent.

Create gorgeous ambiance with the flick of a match; scented candles are our calming heroes.

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Tones of blue are great for settling the mind and encouraging a sense of peacefulness when you enter a space. Harness the power of blue with your homeware choices. In an ideal world we could all paint our bedrooms in shades of sapphire, but for an easier switch, opt for blue accessories. We love soft teal bedding to encourage sleep and throws in deep navy to help switch off your mind.

We all know the secret to relaxation is turning off our phones; make tech-free time easier with a great book.

They all say to “turn off your screens an hour before bed” - but that’s because it really works. Signal to your body and brain that it’s time to unwind by charging your phone in another room while you get ready for bed. Some people love using this time to do their skincare routine and write in their journals - but if you’re like us, and need something more captivating than a diary, we recommend picking up a good book.

Set up your reading nook with a soft throw and plenty of cushions, creating a comfy spot to get through a few chapters. A frothy romance novel is like reading a great rom-com – perfect if you’re trying to get back into reading.

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Tell your body it's time to wind down by swapping shoes for fluffy slippers.

It might come as a surprise, but there’s plenty of research to suggest that wearing slippers can help your body relax at night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “sleep is associated with a drop in core body temperature”, and paradoxically, warming the skin can help to decrease your core temperature. By gradually triggering that drop in core temperature, you’re encouraging calmness and sleepiness.

We love sherpa-lined slippers for the ultimate comfort - and pairing them with a matching robe is a cosy no-brainer.

Make a few simple changes to your nightly routine to experience a calmer, more serene frame of mind.

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