The 8 Best Silk & Satin Pillowcases For 2023

JUN 20|6 min read

Silk pillowcases come with a range of benefits for your skin, health, hair and temperature control. See what our best silk pillowcases are for 2023.

Keen to begin your silk pillowcases journey, but don’t know where to start? We’re breaking down the differences between a satin pillowcase and a slip silk pillowcase, explaining all the silk pillowcase benefits, and showing off our huge range of silk pillow cases Australia wide.

Available in synthetic satin options, soft and smooth silk, and 100% Mulberry premium silk fabric, there’s a whole host of pillowcases to choose from – which is why we’re taking the guesswork out of which option is right for you. (Don’t forget, there’s silk bedsheets to choose from too!) Whether you’re thinking of investing in black satin pillow cases to protect against skincare and tanning stains, or opting for a striped, silky slip pillowcase, let us explain the pros and cons before you shop.

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What are silk pillowcases?

Silk pillowcases are bedlinen crafted from natural silk fabric. Silk pillow cases in Australia must be made from real silk, in order to receive this designation. Silk is a soft fabric woven from naturally occurring protein fibre made by silkworms. The resulting buttery soft material has been a prized luxury for thousands of years, worn by Queens and Emperors alike – and now you can enjoy it in your bedroom. We believe the best silk pillowcase Australia wide is our Pure Silk range, which is made using the highest quality silk from silkworms who eat from the leaves of the mulberry tree. Don’t like the idea of sleeping on an animal-made fabric? Check out a standard satin pillowcase or a set of satin pillow cases.

What are satin pillowcases?

A satin pillowcase is different from silk pillowcases. While silk is a natural fabric, satin pillow cases are made from a glossy, sleek, synthetic fabric. Our favourite fun fact – satin actually refers to a method of weaving rather than a type of fabric! Satin is often made from a blend of polyester, rayon, acetate and cotton, often with a bit of silk mixed in for added softness. Satin is more flexible than silk, making it ideal for clothing and lingerie, but makes it more likely to lose shape when made into a pillowcase. For a frictionless, seamless sleep, opt instead for our huge range of silk pillow cases Australia wide.


Insider Tip:

Avoid sateen! Unlike both silk and satin, sateen is a weave made from cotton. Cheaper to make than silk, it might look smooth and glossy - but it will dry out your hair and skin due to the moisture-wicking cotton fibres.

Satin vs Silk Pillowcases

From looking at satin pillow cases versus silk pillowcases, you might think they look very similar – but the differences go much deeper than first glance. A silk and a satin pillowcase will both have a glossy, almost shiny look to the fabric, but they’re not made out of the same fibre. The best silk pillowcase will be made exclusively out of natural silk fibre, made by silkworms that are fed mulberry leaves. This buttery soft fibre is spun into a luxury fabric, and the resulting benefits of silk pillowcase are a breathable night’s sleep, a cool feel against your skin, less friction against your skin and hair, and a fabric that won’t absorb all your skincare products. While satin is also incredibly smooth, and will reduce friction on your skin and hair, the added cotton to the weave means that the fabric is not thermoregulating and may wick moisture – leading to drier skin and hair and absorbing your expensive skincare products. With these drawbacks in mind, we’re proud to offer a huge range of silk pillow cases Australia wide.

Pure Silk Tea Green PillowcasePure Silk Tea Green Pillowcase

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Pure Silk Tea Green Pillowcase

Vintage Washed Linen Silk Linen Pillowcase PairVintage Washed Linen Silk Linen Pillowcase Pair

Vintage Washed Linen Silk Linen Pillowcase Pair

Pure Silk Black PillowcasesPure Silk Black Pillowcases

Pure Silk Black Pillowcases

Vintage Washed Linen Silk Eucalyptus Pillowcase PairVintage Washed Linen Silk Eucalyptus Pillowcase Pair

Vintage Washed Linen Silk Eucalyptus Pillowcase Pair

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Sienna Floral & Stripe Pure Silk Printed Pillowcase

What are the benefits of satin and silk pillowcases?

  • A silk pillowcase feels soft and smooth against the skin.
  • Silk pillowcases provide a cooling, thermoregulating effect – ideal for hot sleepers.
  • Silk pillowcases absorb less moisture than cotton, or similar fabrics, making them perfect for night sweats.
  • By not absorbing moisture, silk pillowcases help keep hydration within the hair follicles (perfect for dry hair).
  • Choose a silk pillowcase for hair. The smooth fabric allows the cuticle to glide and creates less friction than rough materials. Less snagging on your pillowcase means less tangling, frizz, and breakage.
  • Silk pillowcases help hold your curls and ringlets in place, as the smooth fabric won’t break up your style.
  • Wake up with less intense bedhead with a silk pillowcase.
  • Choose a silk pillowcase for acne. Smooth and gentle on inflamed skin, it won’t add further damage or irritation to already uncomfortable skin.
  • By not creating micro tearing, a silk pillowcase won’t cause further redness and acne that a linen or cotton pillowcase might.
  • Silk pillowcases are great for dry skin, as the fabric won’t suck all the moisture out of your skin in the same way linen or cotton might.
  • Silk pillowcases won’t absorb your skincare like lotions or serums, leaving them on your face where you want them.
  • Silk pillowcases don’t drag or tug on your skin like other rougher fabrics, meaning you’ll wake up with fewer pillow marks on your face.
Pure Silk Shell Pink Sheet SetPure Silk Shell Pink Sheet Set

Pure Silk Shell Pink Sheet Set

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Ida Floral & Gingham Pure Silk Printed Pillowcase

Pure Silk Silver Sheet SetPure Silk Silver Sheet Set

Pure Silk Silver Sheet Set

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Pure Silk Picardy Floral Printed Pillowcase

Pure Silk Shell Pink PillowcasesPure Silk Shell Pink Pillowcases

Pure Silk Shell Pink Pillowcases

Our Top Picks for 2023

1. Vintage Washed Linen Silk Linen Pillowcase from $79.99

Coming in a pair, this is one of our most popular styles of silk pillowcase set. Available in both standard and king/queen size pillow cases, this style combines the best of both worlds. Blending our two favourite fabrics; Vintage Washed Linen and Pure Silk, we now have a pillowcase that features both. The front of the pillowcase features 100% linen, and the reverse features 100% silk. Comes in 4 colours.

2. Vintage Washed Linen Silk Grey Check Pillowcase from $79.99

Also coming in a pair, this silk pillowcase set features Pure Silk on one side and check Vintage Washed Linen on the reverse for a fashionable flair. Perfect for pairing with linen sheets, this pillowcase allows you to make your bed with the linen side upside, creating that lived-in, fashionably rumpled look. Flip it over at night to benefit from silk! Plus, this style is perfect for those with a partner who doesn’t like the feel of silk – but hates mismatched pillowcases. Comes in 2 check colours and 2 sizes.

3. Pure Silk Antique White Sheet Set from $959.00

Want your sheets to match your pillowcase? If you’re looking for a quality set with that slippery feeling, look no further than this luxury set. This snowy set gives a classic look, featuring a pair of white silk pillowcase, a top sheet and a fitted sheet. White pairs beautifully with any colour quilt cover set and provides a charming contrast with a linen quilt cover set. Available in King, Queen & Single, and 5 colours.

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4. Pure Silk Natural Stripe Pillowcase from $99.99

Crafted from 100% Mulberry silk, this neutral pillowcase is made using the highest quality silk from silkworms who eat from the leaves of the mulberry tree. Mulberry silk is known for its durability and softness, making it a long-lasting choice for your bedroom. Plus, it comes with a beautiful box, ready for gifting to a loved one. Available in Standard and King sizes in 6 colours.

5. Pure Silk Dusty Mauve Pillowcase from $79.99

With an incredibly soft feel, this pure silk pillowcase is in our top picks for it’s gorgeous blushy colour. Perfect for the ultimate princess experience, you don’t get more luxurious than a soft pink pillowcase made out of silk. Featuring a zip closure, this style will keep your pillow inside your pillowcase – despite how silky smooth it is! Due to silk’s smooth surface, it can reduce friction and tangles, helpful for those with curly or easily tangled hair types. Available in Standard and King sizes in 6 colours.

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6. Ida Floral & Gingham Pure Silk Printed Pillowcase from $79.99

If you’re after a comfortable night’s sleep but your current summer bedding isn’t cutting it, try this pillowcase! Perfect for those hot, sweaty nights, this cooling pillow case is naturally breathable, absorbent and thermally regulating – helping you to always be on the cool side of the pillow. The upside is that silk helps keep you at a good temperature and won’t feel wet if you do find yourself experiencing a hot night. Available in Standard and King sizes in 6 colours.

7. Pure Silk Shell Pink Pillowcase from $89.99

Curly hair? This one is for you! The buttery soft and smooth texture of this pure silk pillowcase reduces friction when you lay against it, meaning your hair will glide over the fabric without tangling. Resulting in sleeker, less frizzy hair – and fewer knots in the morning – this benefit is particularly obvious in those with curly or wavy hair. The same reduction in friction is better for your skin too, helping to reduce microtears and moisture loss. Available in Standard and King sizes in 6 colours.

8. Pure Silk Black Pillowcase from $89.99

Save your bed from fake tan with this clever pure silk pillowcase. The deep black colour will mask the stains from your guide colour – or even the tan itself! Additionally, the silky soft fabric will help to prevent the fake tan from rubbing off during the night. Say goodbye to patchy, dry looking fake tan with the Pure Silk range. Available in Standard and King sizes in 6 colours.

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If you’re ready to make the switch, we have the silk pillowcase sale you’ve been looking for. Our range features the best silk pillowcases on the market – whether you want a plain colour to match your bedding, a set that adds extra colour to your look, or even a silk pillowcase with linen on the reverse – to keep that lived-in look.