Store – in Style

MAR 16|3 min read

Introducing our NEW range of functional, flexible & stylish storage solutions for your home.

Show your organisational style (and skills!) with our trendy baskets & bags that don’t need to be tucked away when guests are over. Whether your space is big or small, we have the right tools to help you declutter each room. Plus, keep your home organised with our Adairs Insider tips & tricks!

Various brown straw baskets with towel inside and on the floor
Various white laundry baskets displayed behind a small round basket with a white towel inside

Laundry Storage Solutions

Enjoy laundry day a little more with a clutter-free laundry room by creating a practical and flexible system that works for you. We recommend having at least three baskets (more for larger family households) that are clearly labelled: one for light items, one for dark items, and a wash basket for your clean clothes.

Tip: Have a small laundry space? Go vertical! Our storage range is stackable to create more space and can be stored in tiered shelves or neatly placed in a corner.

Three brown straw baskets with pink and maroon towels folded inside
Various light brown straw baskets displayed with pink, white and maroon towels inside

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Turn your bathroom into a day spa sanctuary. Declutter your benchtop and make the most out of your cabinets - coordinate your bathroom by mixing & matching different storage trays and baskets for your various bathroom accessories, including towels, toiletries, toilet paper and even your dirty laundry!

Tip: Group your baskets or trays in your drawer or cabinet by Everyday / Occasional / Spares – this will also help you sort out any expired products. Ensure your Everyday products are within reach for ease of access.

various storage bags in white, beige and floral patterns
Storage basket with pink hat and accessories inside

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Create a pile-free zone in your bedroom and make the most of the space by storing items underneath your bed, on your shelf, in your closet or in an empty nook of the room! Our storage organisers will help you maintain your room’s cleanliness, ensuring you come home to a relaxing environment after a long day.

Tip: Store your bulky quilts and quilt cover sets in our storage bags that can be stacked on top of each other in your cupboard or tucked away underneath your bed. Plus, our storage bags have a clear window at the front for labelling to help you categorise your items.

Two straw large storage baskets for the living room, one basket is open with white cushions inside
various small storage baskets in grey tones

Living Storage Solutions

Make the most of your living space! Smaller baskets are ideal to store remote controls and magazines, while larger baskets are perfect for storing spare cushions & throws. From soft woven felt to cotton blend designs, our storage solutions are made to add a stylish & functional touch to your space without having to hide it.

four shelf pantry with a range of products in storage trays and baskets
Close up of two shelves of a pantry, white and brown storage baskets with products inside

Pantry and Kitchen Storage Solutions

Cook up delicious meals easily with a few essential rules about organising your pantry:

1.  Group pantry items together e.g. Sauces, Spices, Pasta, Vinegars/Oils.

2.  Use a range of our storage trays & baskets that will fit in your pantry, ensuring they can slide in & out easily whenever you need to access your items.

3.  Within these basket groups, sort by “First In, First Out” to keep track of expiry dates and saves you from accidentally opening a new pack!

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