8 Living Room Decor Ideas & Styling Tips

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If you’ve moved into a new home or are just wanting to refresh your existing living space but have got no clue where to start, no need to stress! We’re here to make your living room dreams a reality with tips, tricks and decor recommendations to style up your space.

The living room is the heartbeat of the home; it’s the space most used when entertaining and socialising and is usually the largest room in the house. If you’ve researched lounge room designs and living room decor ideas before, you’re probably aware that there’s much more to interior design than just furniture!

From homewares to lighting, there are endless ways to style your living space and incorporate different living room ideas. If you’re looking for lounge room ideas and living room inspiration, we’ve got the tips and tricks you’ll need to create your dream room. Read our expansive guide below for eight living room decorating ideas to style any space.

Tip 1: Build a foundation with furniture.

When it comes to living room décor, we recommend starting your room transformation by choosing and placing your furniture - we’re talking your big picture items; sofas, coffee tables, ottomans and couches.

The lounge room is for just that; lounging. So, get comfy with pieces that pack a punch, from 1 – 3-seater sofas to statement armchairs, and let your guests be seated. If you have lots of space to work with, consider pairing a neutral-toned large sofa with a coloured or textured armchair to add contrast. If styling a smaller lounge room, add an ottoman or pouf to an empty corner for instant energy.

Form meets function with coffee tables. Bring the eye to the centre of the room with an angular table that can easily be moved when entertaining – we love this set that stores as one table and separates when an extra surface is needed.

Once you've picked out your furniture items, view our guide to measure and map out your space.

Read on to discover more lounge room ideas.

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Tip 2: a sight for square eyes.

The focal point of your living space will usually be your television, given your couches and ottoman will be facing this direction, why not create something beautiful to look at. For maximalist room designs, consider creating a gallery wall around your TV. This involves hanging picture frames around the entirety of your TV - use black and white photos with thick black frames for a classic look.

If styling a smaller lounge room with a larger television, keep it off the walls and let your TV do the talking. Decorate around it with a mix of faux plants, photo frames and decorative vases placed on the sides of your TV cabinet or console.

Tip 3: styling by the fireside.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your lounge area, take advantage of this unique fixture by centring your living room decor ideas around the mantlepiece. Mantles are for more than just Christmas stockings, and fireplaces are a permanent fixture in your home, even when not in use in the hotter months - using the right decor and accessories can make sure it’s’ not forgotten about!

If your fireplace is in the middle of your living room, consider hanging a mirror, your TV or a colourful piece of wall art above it to attract the eye. Decorate your mantle with picture frames, candles and faux plants to make use of and add a lived-in look to this unique space.

Tip 4: Add a splash of beauty.

Are your walls looking a bit bare? The answer is always artwork. From abstract, to natural, to photo art, there’s a print for every lounge room, no matter the style.

IAs one of the most popular living room ideas, decorating your walls with wall art provides a talking point for guests and adds inspiration to every space. Consider hanging coloured artwork of different sizes in groups of three to embrace a maximalist look or place a photo art print in the centre of your wall to add instant visual interest.

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Tip 5: Let there be light.

If you’re looking for functional living room decor ideas, light up your room in style! From classic lamps to angular table lights, there are various ways to add personality and colour into your living space with lighting.

If you have more space to fill, consider positioning a sleek floor lamp next to an armchair or ottoman to add that extra bit of dimension and warmth to your space.

Tip 6: it’s time to rug up.

If your floor could do with more, it's time to invest in a rug. There are a few ways to incorporate rugs into your space depending on different lounge room designs.

If you’ve got the space, go big with a large rug to sit between your sofa and television. Keep it neutral with a rug in ivory or beige or make a statement with multi-coloured and printed rugs.

If you’re working with a smaller area, consider a natural sheepskin rug to add instant texture and cosiness, or an indoor mat for a pop of visual interest.

From naturally woven, to luxurious woollen, we have rugs to suit all living rooms.

Tip 7: faux real.

Add a splash of green and bring the outside in with plants. Pots, plants and vases are a feature of most modern living rooms, but if you’re not so much of a green thumb, we’ve got faux plants that look like the real thing.

From hanging ferns to potted palms, we have plants to suit all living room designs.

Read on for more modern living room ideas!

Tip 8: all the colours of the rainbow.

The easiest way to add instant colour, texture and style to your living room is with cushions! From dusty rose to sea breeze blue in linen, boucle, velvet and wool, add a pop of personality or tie together a colour scheme with cushions in different sizes and shapes.

If you’re looking for living room design ideas to help you add colour into your space, check out our guide.

Now that you’ve read our top living room ideas, it’s time to pick out your favourite pieces! Read on for 10 home decor products that will make any lounge room stand out in style.

Top Living Room Decor Products

VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Armadale Ivory Swivel Chair_800-x-800.jpg


Armadale Ivory Swivel Chair

An upholstered tub-style chair with a fun swivel element, this textured piece is a must-have for any modern-styled living room.



Mark Tuckey Boston 5 Tier Oak Shelving

Crafted from solid European oak, this shelving unit is made to last. Part of the Mark Tuckey x Adairs collection, this timeless piece is functional and stylish. Simple made beautiful.


VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Mark Tuckey Boston 5 Tier Oak Shelving_800-x-800.jpg

VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Otis Natural Lounge Chair 1 Seater_800-x-800.jpg


Otis Natural Lounge Chair 1 Seater

The perfect luxurious addition to any living space, bring personality home with this modular lounge chair. Place two or more next to each other to create a sofa size of your choice.



Belgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Made from superior quality linen for a relaxed and textured look, this cushion offers timeless quality in classic shades.


VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Belgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen Cushion_800-x-800.jpg

VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Belgian Forest & White Check Vintage Washed Linen Cushion_800-x-800.jpg


Belgian Forest & White Check Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Available in a range of colours and sizes to suit all living rooms, embrace trending checks in our best-selling Vintage Washed Linen fabric.



Malmo Natural Linen Throw

Hand woven, yarn dyed and stonewashed for softness, add a unique look and feel with a throw. Hang over the edge of your sofa or armchair for textured elevation to your home styling.


VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Malmo Natural Linen Throw_800-x-800.jpg

VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Yoga White Romulus Splits Statue_800-x-800.jpg


Yoga White Romulus Splits Statue

Inject character into your space with this bold and brilliant decorative statue. A perfect addition to any console, mantlepiece or coffee table, this piece is sure to turn heads.



Empire Clear Vase

Emanating charm and class, this vase is ideal for displaying flowers while also adding an elegant touch when used as a standalone decorative piece.


VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Empire Clear Vase_800-x-800.jpg

VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Hanover Caramel & Natural Check Rug_800-x-800.jpg


Hanover Caramel & Natural Check Rug

Embrace trending textures in a playful checkerboard design with this tufted rug. Keep it subtle by styling under a coffee table or sofa set. Available in a medium or large size to suit any living space.



Moma White Flower Canvas

Say more with less colour. This canvas speaks for itself with a beautiful floral design, hand-painted texture and gold foil embellishments, perfect for a neutral-themed space.


VS_Loungeroom-Styling_Moma White Flower Canvas_800-x-800.jpg

You don’t have to be an expert in styling to take your living room interior design to the next level! We’re here to help with lounge room ideas to suit any space. Whether you’re styling an art deco living room or looking for modern living room ideas, we have brilliant pieces in home decor, lighting and more.

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