Bamboo Sheets vs Cotton Sheets

JAN 05|5 min read

We weigh up all the pros & cons of these popular bedlinen fabrics to help you make the right choice.

Two our most beloved fabrics go head-to-head in this handy guide.

It’s one of our most commonly asked questions: “are bamboo sheets good?”. The short answer is yes - but we know you’ll want more information about this popular bedlinen before making the switch.

We’ve compared bamboo cotton sheets and cotton sheets to help you make the right choice for your sleeping style, your aesthetic, and your price point.

What are the differences between bamboo and cotton sheets?

If you’re in the middle of a bamboo vs cotton sheets battle, we have the facts you need to make the right choice for you. 

  1. Put simply, Bamboo is a grass and cotton is a plant.

  2. Bamboo grows quickly and with less water than cotton, making it a more sustainable fabric. 

  3. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, perfect for those that get sweaty at night.

  4. While both fabrics are breathable, cotton tends to breathe better than bamboo. 

  5. Cotton sheets are usually less expensive than bamboo, making them a great choice for big households. 

  6. Bamboo sheets are known for their incredible durability, when compared to cotton. 

  7. Cotton sheets are easier to care for than bamboo – you can throw your cotton sheets in the washer and dryer without worrying. 

  8. Bamboo cotton sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making them resistant to odour, mould, and bacteria.

  9. Bamboo cotton is kind to sensitive skin, perfect for kids. 

  10. Cotton gets softer with every wash. 

If you’re still wondering “is bamboo cotton better than cotton?” then keep reading to discover our ultimate pros and cons list. 


Insider Tip:

What are bamboo sheets made of? Bamboo cotton is made by taking fibres from the grass and turning them into thread, which is then spun into a fabric. 




Bamboo Sheets Pros & Cons


Taking fibres from bamboo grass and weaving them into a lyocell or modal fabric, bamboo sheets are a sustainable choice. Perfect for the eco-conscious shopper, bamboo is grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation.  
The fibres are naturally antibacterial, preventing odours, mould and bacteria from growing – helping you to sleep and breathe clearly. In turn, the bamboo cotton sheets also help to protect your mattress and pillows. The fibres are also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t irritate allergy sufferers. You might be experiencing nightly allergies if you regularly wake up with a headache, stuffy nose, or fatigued.  

Perfect for hot sleepers, bamboo cotton sheets wick moisture away from your skin and absorb it without feeling wet. The result is sheets that feel cool and dry to the touch, even if you’re experiencing night sweats.  Plus, with exceptional temperature-regulating qualities, these sheets are the perfect match for summer.  


If you’re a big fan of crisp, hotel-looking beds with perfectly folded edges, bamboo cotton might not be for you. The fibres lend themselves to a relaxed, undone look, and are tricky to fold into hospital corners. Bamboo is also more likely to wrinkle and crease, while being difficult to iron. As a result, bamboo is best left for modern “artfully rumpled” beds.  

Bamboo is also more expensive than other options, like cotton. The process of weaving bamboo is more technical, and there are fewer bamboo plantations, leading to a higher, luxury price point. As such, families with lots of bedrooms might find switching over to bamboo costly. Instead, we would recommend flannelette or classic cotton.  




Best Sellers:

Bamboo Linen

Totally modern with a relaxed look and feel, bamboo linen is a fashionable choice. Featuring an earthy colour palette, we love these sheets for warmer months.

Bamboo Cotton

This collection is also supremely breathable and silky smooth to the touch, making it a winner for sensitive skin – especially kids who suffer from allergies.

Cotton Sheets Pros & Cons


Cotton is the family favourite for a reason! Easy to care for, you can easily pop these cotton sheets into the wash, and then straight into a warm tumble dryer – making laundry days go much faster.

Cotton bedlinen and bedding is also cheaper than many alternatives, meaning you can buy a few sets of sheets for every bed in your home. We have cotton sheets in a huge range of thread counts, patterns, and colours, meaning that no matter your style, we have the bed sheets you’re looking for.

Resistant to wrinkles, the threads in cotton sheets make the fabric ideal for a crisp, perfectly made bed (without having to get the iron out). We love the look of a pure, white cotton sheet set paired with a fluffy white quilt.


Cotton may not be the most sustainable choice for your bedroom. While we source our cotton as ethically as possible, the plant still requires more water than bamboo to grow. There may also be pesticides used during the growing season, which some families choose to avoid.

Cotton is also slightly more likely to shrink than bamboo, so it’s important to follow the care instructions on your sheets.

Cotton is light and airy but doesn’t have the same moisture-wicking properties as bamboo, making it less desirable for hot sleepers.



Best Sellers:

Stonewashed Cotton

If you love the relaxed, undone style, Stonewashed Cotton is your best friend. With a contemporary, casual look, these sheets are lightly textured (like linen) but incredibly soft.

World’s Softest Cotton

If you look for silky smooth, soft sheets above all else, this style is a natural choice. Featuring extra-long staple fibres, the construction of this fabric is premium quality and stronger than normal cotton.

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