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Wrap yourself up in the perfect towel

There’s no doubt that choosing bathroom towels can be an overwhelming decision – there are so many different materials, colours, textures and sizes available to you. Our Towel Buying Guide wraps up all our premium towels in one place, so it’s easy for you to find the perfect towel that will suit you and your bathroom aesthetic.

Our collection of premium towels are all uniquely crafted and have been tested time and again to ensure instant absorbency, and the ultimate silk-like, luxurious feel against your skin after every single wash.


The Everyday Essential Towel – Our Best Seller

Made from the highest quality combed cotton and blended with Egyptian cotton for ultimate softness and absorbency, our Flinders Towel is the perfect everyday essential for all bathrooms.

Exclusive to Adairs and available in over 14 stylish colours, you’ll find a style to beautifully complement your bathroom interior.

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The Luxuriously Soft & Hypoallergenic Towel

Made in Turkey, the Navara Bamboo Cotton Towels have a cotton bamboo blend, providing superior absorbency and natural antibacterial properties. The bamboo blend makes it luxuriously soft to touch and durable enough to last all year round.

This towel comes in 15 colours and is available in a solid or unique round textured design to complement your style.

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The Textured Zig-Zag Towel

Super soft with a textured zig-zag detail - the Mimosa Textured towels are as pretty as they are absorbent. Featuring a front and back terry cotton weave, these towels come in both basic and bold colours to add the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom.

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The Premium Organic Cotton Towel

When great minds think alike, it results in an elegant partnership – also known as Adairs x Mark Tuckey. The plush Mark Tuckey Organic Cotton Towel range stems from this partnership, and features a timeless and simplistic design in five versatile colours that are made to last.

The Modern & Sophisticated Towel

Featuring a unique ribbed design, our Savannah Towel range adds a contemporary look to your bathroom space. The dense cotton weave makes it absorbent, instantly cocooning you in ultimate comfort. Available in a modern colour palette including Terracotta, Olive, Ocean Blue, Ginger and Ivory.

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The Coastal Resort Towel

Our European Kadikoy Turkish Cotton Towel range is made in Turkey and is ultra absorbent. It features a delightful textural pom pom detail and is the perfect blanket of warm comfort.

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The Modern Arch Towel

Featuring a stunning ‘arch’ pattern the Archie Towel range is crafted from a premium combed cotton for better durability and maximum absorption - a towel that’s stylish and designed to last.

Available in 4 stylish colours including clay, mustard, leaf and white.

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