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Have good looking hair and skin all at the same time just by going to sleep! 100% silk fabric is proven to help fight the visible signs of ageing as the silky smooth fabric reduces friction and ‘drag’ against the skin while you sleep, resulting in fewer ‘sleep creases’ and fresh-looking skin. 100% silk fabrics are not just great for making your skin look good, it does wonders for the appearance of your hair too. The same reduction in friction from sleeping on 100% pure silk pillowcases can also reduce the appearance of ‘bed hair’. Sleeping on pure silk can help you retain a hairstyle, reduce split ends and those pesky knots caused from tossing and turning through the night. Thank us later and say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to better skin, all at the same time while getting to sleep in luxurious 100% pure mulberry silk. Explore our Pure Silk Collection for sumptuous 100% pure mulberry silk, silk charmeuse pillowcases and bed sheets sets and separates in a range of beautiful hues, from the classic silky white and champagne through to deep winter colours like wine, royal greens and navy blues.